Ambassador Theatre Group: Smart Sustainability

Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) was founded in 1992 and now has more than 40 venues internationally, including the Savoy and Lyceum theatre.

As a company, ATG wanted to make sure none of their waste ended up going to landfill and they aspired to increase recycling across all their theatres nationwide. To ensure this, ATG decided to consolidate all their waste arrangements under one contract.

Deciding on Sustainability

Since 2008, ATG had committed to reducing its environmental impact, focusing on reducing carbon emissions and conserving resources such as water, wood and paper.

ATG recognised that this industry can have a significant impact on the environment so a concerted effort to reduce this impact was necessary.

Casie McCallin, ATG

With London councils on average only recycling 20% of the commercial waste they collect, another option was needed. First Mile’s promise of zero to landfill and the partnership with the Small Steps Project charity have given ATG confidence in the service.

By bringing all arrangements under one contract with First Mile, ATG have also noted a significant improvement in issue management, with staff in all the venues are much more aware of the importance of recycling.

First Mile provide daily evening collections, with all waste streams collected within the same time window. This ensures that the front of the theatres always stay clean and tidy with minimum disruption to the theatres. 

Recycling rates in London have risen, and now reached 97%...we are now better able to monitor our recycling rates and know what happens to our confidential waste.

Cassie McCallin, ATG

Future steps

ATG aim to maintain the high recycling levels across London and aim to increase recycling in the other regions that it operates. To help reach this goal, ATG plan to introduce food waste recycling across the whole group, ensuring that they continue to commit to a high environmental standard and values.