Breaking Blue: 95% recycling story

Breaking Blue is a leading global insight agency with offices in London, Glasgow and Manchester. The company is passionate about finding ways that will engage its staff to help create a sustainable and responsible business for years to come.

Breaking Blue has enjoyed eight years of green partnership with First Mile, making it one of the company’s longest-standing customers. Driven by its desire to create a more sustainable working environment, Breaking Blue recycles just about everything it can. 

Creating a culture of sustainability

Like any office, most waste produced is recyclable – mostly paper as well as toners and cartridges. With inflexible recycling collection times offered by the council, the challenge was to get rid of all this waste in the most ethical and hassle-free way. The opportunity was not only to find a recycling service that would mitigate waste levels, but also one that would help foster a long-lasting culture of sustainability. 

It’s not just about First Mile’s fast response time and flexibility – it’s the fantastic recycling rate reports they send us at the end of each month, which really help us to engage our staff. These are shared around the company and spur us on to recycle more, and achieve better results month on month.

Anna Roberts, Breaking Blue

First Mile’s unrivalled range of simple low cost pay-as-you-go services make it easy for Breaking Blue to hit an impressive recycling rate of 95%. Mixed recycling, confidential shredding, electronic and battery recycling, food waste services and textile recycling all contribute to Breaking Blue’s ambition of creating a positive, ethical business environment.


It’s about the journey

For Breaking Blue, staff are part of the journey to becoming more sustainable. New staff are told where waste goes as part of their induction to encourage sustainable behaviour and best practice from the get-go. Working with a partner that makes this as simple as possible is imperative for success:

First Mile really come on the journey with you. Through the various services we use, they have taught us that even the smallest things can make a huge positive environmental impact. For example, the textile recycling service is perfect for busy staff who don’t have time to think about recycling their unwanted clothes. By offering this at work, we demonstrate a clear commitment to make saving the planet as easy as possible.

Anna Roberts, Breaking Blue

The decision to become a sustainable business is an initiative set by the Breaking Blue leadership and CSR team, in order to grow the business with ethics front of mind. Something as simple as recycling plays a critical part in achieving this vision, and there are plans in place to continue the First Mile partnership with light bulb recycling in the future.

We couldn’t recommend First Mile more. We can continue to go on this amazing journey towards sustainability with its easy, flexible service and its ability to help us recycle just about anything!

Anna Roberts, Breaking Blue