Warner Bros Ltd: helping staff reduce, reuse and recycle

Warner Bros TV Productions UK (WBTVPUK) is a group of leading British television production companies who are committed to preventing pollution wherever possible.   

WBTVPUK believe that everyone needs to be aware of the short and long term issues around producing waste. They understand that they have a duty of care when it comes to disposing waste and would like to continue to increase recycling wherever possible.

Deciding on Sustainability

WBTVPUK want to work with a company that reflects their waste goals and work in accordance with government environmental policy. With London councils on average only recycling 20% of commercial waste they collect, another option was required.  

By using First Mile services, WBTVPUK can now ensure that they are working to recycling as much as possible, with none of their waste going to landfill. First Mile also provide multiple free resources which can be used to help WBTVPUK staff become more environmentally aware and recycle more.

Engaging and training staff on environmental issues and to encourage them to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible.

Bea Bucks, WBTVPUK

First Mile aim to make recycling as easy as possible by using a mixed recycling service which is collected and sent to a material recovery facility before reprocessing. General waste is taken to an energy recovery facility to create green electricity, ensuring all waste streams are dealt with responsibly.


Future steps

WBTVPUK want to continue to demonstrate that they are committed to improving their environmental performance:


If we can do better, First Mile is always on hand to advise.

Bea Buck, Group Head of Facilities

Over the next year they aim to work with local businesses to minimise the use of non-recyclable food packaging and would like to set up their own environmental management system (EMS). This would ensure that every aspect of their environmental impact is continuously monitored and improved.

First Mile continue to work together with WBTVPUK to find creative solutions to any issues that arise and ensure accurate and detailed waste reports are provided to help support WBTVPUK’s new EMS.