Work.Life office recycling story

By working with First Mile, Work.Life has added increased value to their members, is saving money through recycling, and last year even managed to receive a silver certificate from First Mile in all their spaces by running a recycling competition.

Work.Life provides intimate coworking spaces for freelancers, start-ups and bigger businesses across London and Reading.

As a business, they are passionate about the power of community and building spaces that foster collaboration between members and most importantly a happy day-to-day working life.

One aspect of delivering that happy environment is providing green facilities like recycling. In this regard, Work.Life has used First Mile since 2015 and currently recycles up to 70% of all material from our different sites.

work life office


Fluctuating volumes in waste and recycling

Offering ‘no strings attached’ space for their members means that the number of people and therefore the amount of waste can vary significantly.

By using First Mile’s Pay-as-you-Go sack collection services, Work.Life only pays for the amount of recycling/waste they use – and this means they can put out as many recycling and waste sacks as they need out for collection each day.

Maximising recycling

Work.Life has found that offering recycling facilities has been incredibly well received by staff and members, and has since rolled out other First Mile services such as recycling for batteries, confidential shredding, food and more.

First Mile’s services are incredibly easy to use and teach to all staff.

Ana Bernardo, Work.Life

Ana is the Work.Life’s sustainability guru and ensures green potential is realised at all sites. As well as recycling, cycle to work, and energy saving initiatives, Work.Life is even growing some vegetables, herbs and flowers in window boxes. This is in collaboration with a nearby community garden for members and the local community to contribute with more green hotspots in the borough, and use food waste to make compost. All the members at Work.Life enjoy being part of a workspace that cares about the environment and the team has found that this has become more important to members over the years.

We even ran a recycling competition between our sites and improved our rates in the process, winning a silver certificate from First Mile! It was amazing to see how competitive everyone was about it.

Ana Bernardo, Work.Life

Work.Life tracks progress via their monthly recycling report and the team is delighted to have a recycling rate of up to 70% across our different sites to date but are only determined to make it higher.

They aim to get to a place where 95% of what they produce is recycled by finding more and more ways to be sustainable. In partnership with First Mile Work.Life will realise its ambition to become an even greener co-working space.