WRG's outstanding office recycling

WRG is a worldwide creative communication company with their London office demonstrating their commitment to the group’s sustainable initiatives.

  • Services used: Mixed Recycling
  • Food Recycling
  • Cardboard
  • Waste clearances


Sustainability as a way of business

When moving in to the premises at the start of 2013, the company held a series of workshops on sustainability which all employees took part in. Ideas were welcomed and it was here that the issue of office waste was raised. Dealing with the office waste in a sustainable way had been agreed upon as a priority, but recycling services from the local council were limited. WRG needed a regular collection of recycling, detailed envrionmental reporting and a consolidated supplier for all services. In January 2013, WRG engaged First Mile to take over the complete waste management of the office. The London office have since set their recycling standards as the benchmark for other WRG offices worldwide.

“We are actively trying to reduce waste, avoiding food waste, and using recyclable materials where we can. Taking this commitment into our offices makes sense, and creates a culture of environmental responsibility in everything we do.”

Claudia Connelly, Head of Technical, WRG

By incorporating recycling into the daily running of the office, WRG intended to improve their overall environmental performance and further foster the culture of responsibility found throughout the group.

Creating sustainability

The first measure WRG took to promote the new recycling service was to remove all under-desk bins. Staff created centralised recycling points throughout the office floors. In the kitchens, as well as mixed recycling bins, a food recycling service was introduced, meaning food waste could be recycled. WRG utilised clearly branded First Mile bin labels and posters to ensure staff understood the new service. These allowed WRG to highlight to staff what could be placed into mixed recycling and food recycling bins. The posters also provided clear First Mile contact details for any staff with questions on the new service.

“Everyone at WRG has a responsibility for ensuring we deliver our sustainability commitment, from our Board of Directors to our producers, designers and production managers.”

Tim Elliott, Managing Director, WRG

WRG receive a monthly recycling report from First Mile. Since the start of the service, reports show that over 1,910 KGs of material has been collected and the average recycling rate for the WRG office has reached 85%. Mixed recycling collected from WRG is taken for recovery at a material recovery facility before being baled ready for reprocessing. Food waste is taken to an anaerobic digestion facility and is used to create electricity and a nutrient rich fertiliser. No waste is sent to landfill. WRG’s Sustainability Working Group continues to champion green thinking throughout the company, encouraging staff to keep sustainability at the forefront of everything they do.

A sustainable future

WRG’s original sustainability objectives were to ensure that by the end of 2015, none of the waste arising from their events is sent to landfill, and at least 70% of the waste produced will be reused, recycled or composted. These objectives are already being met and surpassed in their London office, and the goal for 2014 is to further reduce the carbon impact of the office by working with First Mile on a comprehensive waste reduction programme.

Key Stats (2013)

  • Recycling rate: 85%
  • Material collected: 1,910 KGs
  • CO2 saved: 2,337 KG

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