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Confidential Recycling & Disposal

We collect your confidential documents from within your premises whenever you need. We securely shred it and provide full certification, ensuring your waste destruction is GDPR compliant. 

  • Low cost shredding service with no minimum collection so you only pay for what you use.
  • Guaranteed next-day service or schedule a regular collection.
  • Our secure shredding services are accompanied by a range of strong and secure bins.
  • Service provided by highly trained, DBS checked operatives.

    What can go into the sack 

    • White Paper 
    • Coloured Paper 
    • Pamphlets 

    What cannot go into the sack

    Confidential recycling sacks are taken to our BS15713-accredited secure destruction facility in London where they are securely shredded  via a cross cut shredder. You get a certificate of destruction for every sack.

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    Secure shredding of your confidential waste should be easy. And with the new GDPR regulations, it's more important than ever to ensure your waste is destroyed securely. 

    The vehicles we use to transport confidential material are GPS-tracked and CCTV monitored. Our drivers are ISO14001 ISO9001 certified to collect your confidential documents. 

    This means that they'll be in safe hands from the moment the sacks are removed from your lockable bins (which we'll also provide).

    The sacks are then taken to our BS15713-accredited facility, to be securely shredded. The shredded paper is baled within 24 hours at which point you'll receive a 'Certificate of Destruction' which confirms it's been shredded and disposed of securely. 

    The shredded paper is then recycled into sheets of bright white, good-as-new office paper, a great example of closed loop recycling. 

    You can buy back your shredded paper as new recycled office paper online here.