Gold standard recycling

If you’re a First Mile customer using our recycling services, then you’ll receive one of our annual recycling certificates if you reach our coveted gold standard.

Your certificate shows your recycling achievements from the last year.

Go for gold

To reach our shiny gold standard, you need to:

  • Recycle over 90% of your waste

Your recycling rate is based on the capacity of the bags you order from us. For example:

Bruce's london office use First Mile's mixed recycling, food recycling and general waste services. Almost all the waste the office produces can be recycled - it's pretty much only wood, polystyrene and grubby cleaning cloths that can't be recycled. That means the office gets through 550 mixed recycling sacks, 325 food sacks and 75 general waste sacks a year. Assuming all the bags are filled to capacity, that's 2750kg of lovely recycling, 812.5kg of recycled food and just 375kg of non recyclable waste. That's a 90.5% recycling rate and a gold certificate!

We're feeling kind in 2017. You also get a gold if you recycle over 80% as long as you're using recycling more than 5 different streams.

Silver is second

Getting to 90% recycling is achievable with our three core services, but if you're not quite there yet, you'll get a silver. 

You need to recycle more than 50% of your waste to hit this goal.

No cheating! Whilst we'd like to live in a world where you can recycle everything, we're not quite there yet. If you don't buy a single zero-to-landfill waste sack from us in the year, we'll assume you're sending your non recyclable stuff elsewhere. Our system can't be gamed. If you don't handle your general waste through First Mile, you could have a 100% recycle rate and still only hit silver.

Want to improve?

We can help any business improve their recycling rate, lower business costs and save the planet. If you'd like some tips, don't hesitate to contact us.