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Perking you up on the most depressing day of the year

The First Mile
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How increasing sustainable behaviours in the workplace can help boost employee happiness and productivity.
Blue Monday

Feeling blue? This isn’t surprising as it’s not just any Monday. Today is Blue Monday - the third Monday of January when supposedly the clouds of gloom align culminating in Monday and January blues of the highest order.  

So the time is ripe to take action and spread some workplace cheer (without the usual go-to box of chocolates).  

There is an emerging body of research that looks at the link between sustainable, eco-friendly behaviours and self-reported happiness and well-being. Indeed, many of the Nordic nations that are consistently listed as the world’s happiest countries, are also reported to have some of the highest recycling rates.  

In order to boost happiness levels on this dreary day, empower your employees to live more sustainably whilst at work by giving them the tools to recycle as much as possible. From the everyday items such as plastic bottles and coffee cups to leftover food, unwanted clothing, discarded crisp packets and even electronics. Even better is to go one step further and let them know just how much their humble actions are helping to save the planet.   

“It's well known that happiness at work leads to increased performance and engagement, so improving employee well-being through sustainable actions is good for people, good for productivity and good for the planet" says Miriam Akhtar, a positive psychologist based in Bristol, the 2015 European Green Capital.  

In fact, you could say this Blue Monday is starting to look positively Green... 

First Mile have over 20,000 happy customers, helping each and every one of them to be greener by recycling more. We recycle over 20 different streams for businesses, and provide complimentary recycling reports to show you how much material you’re recycling as well as the number of trees and tonnes of CO2 saved. We can also advise how to improve your company sustainability and engage employees to recycle more.