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Free business recycling reports

One of the ways we help you recycle as much as you can is by keeping you regularly updated on your recycling performance.

When you recycle with First Mile, we'll email you a monthly report on exactly how brilliant your business is at recycling.

If you buy pay as you go sacks from us, the reports are based on your order history, and show your yearly performance plus a monthly average.

If you have wheelie bins, the reports are based on your collection schedules, with a bit of clever work behind the scenes which uses the actual weight of materials we collect to ensure that seasonal variance is reflected in your data.

It shows:

  • How much material you’re recycling
  • How much food you're recycling
  • How much you’re throwing away.
  • Your recycling rate, the higher, the better – and we’re sure we can get you recycling at least 90% of your waste.
  • Trees saved - based on comparing the number of trees used to produce paper from new material vs recycled material.
  • CO2 Tonnes Saved - how many tonnes of CO2 you’ve stopped from being emitted. Based on how much energy is used to manufacture goods from new material, and the journeys needed to source that material, rather than re-using resources.

Our customers love these reports which are an easy way to engage staff in business recycling. Hit 90% recycling for the year, and you'll bag yourself a gold certificate!

If you’d like more specific information on methodology or think there is a problem with your report, don’t hesitate to let us know