Service Extras


In addition to our extensive waste and recycling services, we provide customers with free, easy-to-use service extras. These innovative resources make it easy to kickstart sustainability strategies and manage waste efficiently.


Carbon Reporting

Carbon reporting tools to assist you on your journey to net-zero.

Track Scope 3 Emissions

Multi-level tracking in line with the Government Scope 3 reporting guidelines.

Bin weighing

Track your waste with our advanced bin-weighing technology.

Certificates and Achievements

We send every customer a recycling certificate, an embeddable website widget and a reusable window sticker to celebrate their recycling achievements.

Recycle ID

How it works

Using the First Mile companion app, customers and drivers can report contamination by scanning the QR code.

For larger businesses

Location-based tracking makes Recycle ID perfect for larger businesses with multiple sites.

Waste Audits & Waste Reduction

Waste Audits

Our free waste audits three-step approach to help our customers understand their waste management needs and put strategy into action.

Waste Reduction

Following on from waste audits, we then work with customers to create action waste reduction strategies to lower contamination and boost recycling rates.

End Destinations & Sacktory

ULEZ-Compliant Smart Fleet

All waste is collected by our ULEZ-compliant collection fleet, with inner city collections by electric cargo bike.

Our award-winning Sacktory

Our Sacktory is London's most centrally located sorting facility, just 4 miles from Central London.

Close the loop

First Mile's Electronics Reuse Platform

We repair and refurbish unwanted technology and our dedicated WEEE AATF-certified Rescue Lab.

Circular Cardboard Recycling

Ensures your cardboard waste is recycled into new materials less than 14 days after it's collected.

Circular Products

From copier paper, notebooks, furniture made from single-use plastic, uniforms and much more.

Energy from waste

Power your business using energy produced by your General Waste and Food Recycling.

Learning and Resources

On-site Workshops

We provide on-site workshops, drop-in sessions and specialist training carried out by our dedicated account managers.

Online Workshops

We host free monthly recycling workshops conducted by our recycling experts.

Welcome Packs

All customers who sign up receive 100% recyclable welcome packs.

Recycling Posters

We provide a range of free downloadable posters, making it easier for everyone to recycle.

Recycling and More

From industry-leading reporting tools at your fingertips, revolutionary Recycle ID technology, and free waste audits to help you understand your recycling.

Our range of service extras gives customers everything they need to boost recycling rates, lower their scope 3 emissions and love the environment.

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All First Mile customers have access to industry-leading reporting tools via their online portal.

Our reports give customers full visibility over their waste streams and materials, recycling rate and carbon data - helping them effectively manage their waste and track their scope 3 emissions.

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Recycle ID

Recycle ID

Since 2018, all First Mile sacks include a unique QR code which enables us to easily track waste and report any issues such as contamination and changes to collection schedules.

They're perfect for larger businesses with multiple sites and recycling streams.

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Waste Audits & Waste Reduction

At First Mile, we use a three-step approach to helping our customers understand their waste and put a strategy into action.

Our free waste services for customers can identify items in your waste that can be recycled and reused, helping you reduce waste, recycle more and save money.

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The Sacktory

End destinations & Sacktory

We choose our end destination recycling partners carefully, so you can be sure that none of your waste ends up in landfill.

Once collected, your waste makes its way to our award-winning Sacktory where it's sorted by hand to keep contamination to a minimum. 

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Close the Loop

Close the loop with our range of circular economy services, from our Refurbished Electronics Platform, Circular Cardboard scheme, products and First Mile's renewable energy.

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How to Recycle Webinar

Learning and Resources

At First Mile, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive and accessible solutions to promote sustainable recycling practices within your business.

From interactive workshops to free recycling posters, our range of innovative services is designed to make recycling not only easy but also an integral part of your daily operations.

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