End Destinations & The Sacktory

We choose our end destination recycling partners carefully, so you can be sure that none of your waste ends up in landfill.

Once collected by our ULEZ-compliant collection fleet, customers' waste and recycling is taken to our award-winning Sacktory where it's sorted by hand into separate streams.

Our award-winning Sacktory

This is where we sort through recycling by hand to guarantee no contaminated waste is present, before sending it off to carefully chosen recycling partners who recycle the material into new products. Everything that cannot be recycled or is contaminated is sent for incineration, generating power for the UK grid 

To learn more about the Sacktory and what happens behind the scenes at First Mile, view our new virtual Sacktory tour. 

Virtual Sacktory Tour



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How does bin weighing work?

Once collected by our team, we take your waste and recycling to our award-winning Sacktory site, where it's weighed and sorted for recycling

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