Waste Audits & Reduction


At First Mile, we recognise the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is through understanding and reducing your current levels of waste.

We use a three-step approach to helping our customers understand their waste management needs and put a strategy into action.  

Our free waste services for customers can identify items in your waste stream that can be recycled or reused, helping you reduce waste, recycle more and save money – audits also help to ensure compliance with new regulations (link here to Webinar on legislation) 

How does it work?
Book your free waste audit in four easy steps
Book your waste audit through our Customer Success Team, Waste Audits can be booked as a one-off audit or scheduled regularly.
Surprise Collection
We'll collect a sample of waste within 2 weeks of the booking, this ensures we pick up a true reflection of your waste.
Your waste is taken to our RecycleLab where it is weighed, and the contents are examined.
Results and customised recommendations are ready within 7 days in the customer portal.

Waste Reduction

Following on from waste audits First Mile can work with your business on actionable waste reduction strategies by helping you to: 

Prioritise – We work with customers to find alternative solutions to reduce the materials with the highest waste volumes and to make sure they’re recycled correctly. 

Act – We have services to help you reduce waste, our reusable partnerships can replace single-use items, and we can help you identify better products. 

Report – Discover how much carbon your businesses have saved and your increased recycling rate with our industry-leading reporting tools, available in the customer portal. 

Book a Waste Audit with a First Mile expert

Book a free business waste audit and gain a clearer, in-depth understanding of your waste.

Knowing your waste means you're less likely to receive contamination fines, and better recycling practices are key to delivering a successful sustainability strategy.

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