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Carboard Recycling

If you need to get rid of big cardboard boxes which don't fit in our recycling sacks, our easy, low cost cardboard recycling service is what you need.

  • Collections up to three times a day, seven days a week
  • Lower cost than general waste (it's cheaper to recycle)
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery of cardboard recycling stickers
  • Free reporting on your recycling achievements

Planet Savers recycle

  • Large flatpacked bits of cardboard

Cardboard is taken to a facility to be pulped and recycled back into new products.

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Cardboard can be bulky. It can also get pretty tiring, figuring out the best way to pack it up and leave it out with the rest of your waste and recycling.

Like paper, it's really valuable and easy to recycle. What's even better is that it can be recycled again and again with losing its strength!

Once we've collected the cardboard, it's separated into flat cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

The cards then compacted into tight packs and sent off to be converted to pulp. It’s off to be cleansed after that, to remove any dirt. It'll also go through several filters to remove and glue or tape.

At this point, the pulp (aka mush) is combined with new pulp to give it and help it solidify.   

Any excess water is then squeezed out to create liner boards. These are layered together to create a new piece of cardboard. It'll then take shape again either as a new box, a notebook cover, etc.

All that's required is a roll of our cardboard stickers. You can then start putting out your bundles of flat-packed cardboard (with a First Mile sticker on!) for us to collect.