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Mixed Recycling

For most businesses, 90% of waste can be easily recycled using our Mixed Recycling services.  You put everything in the same sack or bin, and we do the sorting. 

  • Collections up to three times a day, seven days a week
  • Lower cost than general waste (it's cheaper to recycle)
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery of Mixed Recycling sacks
  • Free reporting on your recycling achievements

Planet Savers recycle

  • Paper including office paper, brochures, envelopes, magazines and newspapers 
  • Card and Cardboard 
  • Plastics including bottles and packaging 
  • Metal including tins, cans and foils

Your mixed recycling is taken to a state-of-the-art sorting facility in Bromley-by-Bow, where it's sorted into 14 separate material streams ready to be used in re-manufacturing.

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It would probably make things a lot easier for us if you separated out your waste. But we like to keep things easy for you when it comes to recycling. 

That's why all your recyclable waste can go into our mixed recycling sacks, without having to be separated.

The mixed recycling goes to a MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) where 130,000 tonnes of material per year is processed for reuse. Even the plastic bags we provide you with can be recycled! 

The bags of material are fed through bag splitters which opens up the bags to release all the material. It'll then go to a sorting cabin where any non- recyclables that have found their way into the bags are removed.

After that, all the large pieces of cardboard and flat bits of paper are filtered out. 

3D items (ie. anything except flat paper and card!) are sucked up by a self contained fan that creates a cyclone blowing all the plastic bottles, cans and other light materials out over a belt ready for more sorting.

Steel and aluminium cans are separated using two different  processes to separate ferrous (steel) and non-ferrous (aluminium) metal.  They're are fed through the conveyor belt where a magnetic head grabs any steel cans. Aluminium cans are pushed into their own stream by a high speed electromagnetic rotor that flings the cans into a separate pile.

Remaining plastic things pass by lasers which identify what kind of plastic they are made of and sort them even further.

After that, the paper and card is baled and is shipped to Europe and the Far East. Plastic and ferrous metal and aluminium goes to reprocessors in the UK for reuse. 

That's it. All that recycling from just one of our services!