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Paper Recycling

Every kind of paper can be recycled in our low cost paper recycling sacks.

  • Collections up to three times a day, seven days a week
  • Lower cost than general waste (it's cheaper to recycle)
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery of Paper Recycling sacks
  • Free reporting on your recycling achievements

    Planet Savers recycle

    • White Paper
    • Coloured Paper 
    • Envelopes

    Paper recycling is taken to a paper reprocessing facility where it’s separated into three grades of paper to be re-used. 

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    Paper is an easy one. 

    It is absolutely 100% recyclable.

    If paper wasn't recycled, we'd be cutting down a whole lot more trees which is a big no no for us. Especially when it already takes 17 trees to make 1 ton of paper!

    When we collect your paper, we'll give it the first class treatment.

    It's taken to a paper reprocessing facility where it's separated (we sort so you don't have to) into different quality grades.

    At the end of the sorting process, the various grades are baled and sent to paper mills, mainly in Europe.

    Here the paper is chemically and mechanically processed to produce pulp.

    It's not over yet though as there's still loads off ink and dirt in the pulp which needs to go before it can be reincarnated into something new.

    To remove the contamination and any other impurities, the pulp is soaked to remove impurities.

    Then it's rolled into sheets of new paper.

    Where material is recycled back into the product it came from originally, this is known as closed loop recycling.

    Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than if it was made from raw materials (e.g. precious trees!). As well as saving the trees themselves of course.

    Embrace the the closed loop process and buy back recycled office paper. You can do this online in seconds!