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Commercial & Business Waste Collection

For anything that you can't easily recycle, use our general waste service. We incinerate it to produce green energy, so it's zero landfill, and all collections are carbon-neutral.​

  • Low cost range of sack and wheelie bin collection services
  • ​Collections up to 3 times a day 7 days a week
  • Put bags out for collection at a time that suits you
  • ​Guaranteed next-day delivery of sacks

Divert from landfill

  • Any non recyclable materials, like wood and polystyrene
  • Food (but it’s cheaper to recycle this and the right thing to do!)
  • NO clinical waste
  • NO hazardous things like electricals, batteries and toners

 General waste is taken to a state-of-the-art recovery facility where it's incinerated to produce heat and electricity.

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By now, we hope you know that we send nothing whatsover to landfill. So what do we do with it? 

Drum roll please...

It's used to power your home!

That's right, all waste is taken for incineration to create electricity and heat! 

The waste is taken to an Energy from Waste (EfW) facility that converts waste into clean energy, powering over 100,000 homes every year.

Waste is burnt at the facility and the heat generated is used to turn water in the boiler tubes into steam. The steam's then used to drive a turbine, generating c470,000MWh of electricity; this is exported to the National Grid every year.

Flue gases which are produced during the incineration of waste can contain lots nitrogen and carbon dioxide which we don't want going back into the atmosphere. 

That's why it's treated with lime, carbon and water to prevent it going into the stream. This treatment cleans and neutralises the acids in the gases and allows the clean gas to be discharged safely into the atmosphere.

What's left? Ash. Incinerator Bottom Ash is a by-product of the incineration process and over 170,000 tonnes is produced every year. This is put to good use as an aggregate for building roads. 

Using our business waste service will make your business zero-to-landfill immediately, and as we're carbon neutral your waste management won't cause any unnecessary emissions.