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Battery Recycling & Disposal

Batteries can be easily recycled back into new products. From laptop batteries to lithium batteries, we can recycle your old batteries. 

  • Low cost battery recycling 
  • Guaranteed next day service
  • Discreet small battery recycling bins to suit any work place
  • Full compliance with UK waste regulations

What can go into the sacks 

  • Dry cell batteries 
  • Alkaline & carbon 
  • Lithium 
  • UPS batteries 
  • Server batteries

What cannot go into the sacks 

  • Chargers 
  • Car Batteries 

Batteries go to a Battery Recycling Centre where they're broken down. Any chemicals, metals and plastics extracted are then reused and recycled into new products.

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Batteries. If sent to landfill; they'll leak corrosive materials into the ground. This can cause water and soil pollution, causing harm to animals and our ecosystem. If they're incinerated, the metals within the batteries can cause air pollution. 

The good news? Most types of batteries contain valuable metals which can be recovered and re-used.

Battery recycling. Just ask us for the sacks. When they're full just give us a call. Done.