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Clothes recycling for businesses

Don’t have time to drop your unwanted clothes off at a charity shop in the weekends? Just take it to work, and pop it in one of our textile recycling sacks

  • Easy to use service that accepts all clothing and shoes
  • Enable your staff to easily support a charity from work.
  • ​Guaranteed next-day collection from your business

Planet Savers recycle

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Hats
  • Bags and belts


Unwanted clothing goes to a sorting facility and are restored to be resold in TRAID charity shops.

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In 10 minutes, the UK accumulates about 7 tonnes of unwanted clothing. It's usually sent to landfill. 

This just won't do. That's why we work with TRAID to divert old clothes from going to landfill.

Together we make it easy for you to donate those dodgy items you purchased back in the day. 

We'll collect the valuables (your trash, our treasure) from your workplace and that's it. Done.

They're then taken to a TRAID sorting facility where the condition of those items are examined. If it's in good shape, it'll be dry cleaned, hung and priced and then sent off to be resold. 

These proceeds are then used to improve conditions for those working within the textiles industry. 

This could be in Bangladesh; where daycare centres have been established so that mothers can leave their children there when they go to work. 

Or, it could be to help factory workers get a 15% pay rise (average pay is about £35 per month!) in Sri Lanka.

If you're already donating clothes to charity, great. But encouraging your colleagues to do it as well can have a big impact internationally as  well as domestically.

Anything that is really past it is incinerated to produce green energy. As always, nothing goes to landfill.