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Coffee Cup Recycling

Coffee cups. It's estimated that 2.5 billion are thrown away every year in the UK. That's a lot of paper!  Use our easy and exclusive coffee cup recycling service to save money and give coffee cups a second chance.  

  • Order sacks with guaranteed next day delivery and collection
  • Sent to a specialist facility that can recycle all elements of the coffee cups

Planet Savers recycle

  • Paper Coffee Cups 

Possibly one of the most widely discussed disposable items, coffee cups are difficult to recycle due to their plastic, waterproof coating. 

That's why we now provide a coffee cup recycling service, taking them to a specialist facility that is able to separate the plastic from the paper, allowing your coffee cups to be recycled. 

By using this service, your used cups can be recycled into items such as stationery or laminate paper bags used in retail. 

Give your cup a second chance and recycle.