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Cooking Oil Collection & Recycling

Disposing of cooking oil can be a greasy business. Our next day cooking oil recycling service is stress free and easy to arrange.

  • Collections up to three times a day, seven days a week
  • Lower cost than general waste (it's cheaper to recycle)
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery of stickers for your containers

    Planet Savers recycle

    • Used cooking oil


    We'll collect the cooking oil and send it to be refined and converted into bio-diesel.

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    Cooking oil can be used to make bio-diesel, which is an organic non-toxic bio-degradable fuel.

    Bio-diesel is also a carbon neutral fuel.  This means that it doesn't add any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  This is why it makes it a better alternative to using fossil-fuel which adds more CO2 into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.!

    So how do you get from old, gross cooking oil to a shiny new eco-friendly fuel?

    It’s all in the refinery process.

    The cooking oil is filtered to sieve out any bits of fried food, dirt, water and any grimy bits you don’t want in your fuel.

    From here, one of two types of chemical reaction can take place:

    A sample of this new oil is taken to determine the amount if fatty acids still in the oil. If there is still a high content acids in the oil then a chemical reaction known as esterification is carried out. The reaction between the acids and alcohol (usually methanol or ethanol) then produces bio-diesel.

    If not a second chemical reaction known as transesterification reacts with the fats within the oil as well as an alcohol (again, methanol or ethanol) to produce biodiesel.

    The bio-diesel can then be used to run your car. In fact, plenty of cabbies use it in the city already because it’s about 10% cheaper than petrol diesel. Winners all round.

    Sounds complex, we know. But all it requires is contact us and arrange the collection. You can then kick back and relax with the knowledge that you've help to produce a bio-fuel that doesn't contribute to global warming.