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Electronics Recycling & Disposal

We collect all kinds of broken and unwanted electrical equipment from your premises whenever you need. We safely recycle it, reclaiming all the precious resources inside it.

  • Low cost - there's no minimum for collection so you only pay for what you use.
  • Guaranteed next-day service 
  • Sacks for small items or stickers for large items provided
  • WEEE compliance documentation provided for free

    Planet Savers recycle

    • Small appliances
    • Large appliances
    • Wires, cables and plugs
    • IT and telecommunications equipment

     The electrical equipment gets broken down and raw materials are recovered. Glass, copper and other rare materials are then used for re-manufacturing. 

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    Electrical waste is packed full of nasty toxic chemicals. It's incredibly important (not to mention a legal requirement) that absolutely none of these end up in general landfill where they can leach into the earth

    And WEEE is also full of precious resources which can be recovered and recycled. There's around 0.034g of gold in your iphone - that's more than £1 worth!

    When WEEE is recycled, toxic chemicals are removed and disposed of safely and in line with regulations.

    Then there's a whole variety of goods to be had from these small appliances. You've got wood, rare metals, plastic, glass and even cardboard!  

    Items which contain the most valuable materials are pulled out of the stream by hand. These items are usually circuit boards. Appliances are broken down and materials recovered to be used in the manufacturing process of new goods.