First Mile and Small Steps Project

small steps

We hate landfill. That's why we help businesses recycle everything.

We are extremely proud to support the Small Steps Project, moving into our 6th year sponsoring the charity. For every sack we sell, we make a donation to Small Steps and have been able to help fund multiple projects over the years. 





Since 2017, funding from First Mile now goes towards the Laos KM36 rubbish dump project. We are currently helping to raise funds for a health centre on the site, which will provide both adults and children with vital hygiene care, food and the chance to recieve some schooling.

In the last quarter of 2017, funding from First Mile has helped 161 adults and 82 children on the Laos landfill site. This means that Small Steps have been able to provide 240 non-formal education sessions, 1291 life skill sessions, 470 counselling sessions and 388 sport and game sessions.