RecycleID™ is First Mile’s unique and easy-to-use waste tracking system for multi-tenanted buildings and offices.

As multi-tenanted buildings produce different volumes and types of waste, the standard one-size-fits-all approach to collections can lead to unfair charges, irresponsible waste disposal and less control over your recycling performance.


How does RecycleID™ work?

1.   Each First Mile sack has a unique QR code printed directly onto it. Customers can use the RecycleID™ mobile app to register sacks or containers to a specific tenant or area of the building.

2.   Once the sacks are full, they can be weighed using an optional RecycleID™ weighing platform that sends the final weight back to the app in real time. Any contaminated sacks can be scanned and marked as contaminated, notifying the tenant.

3.   All RecycleID™ data links back to the First Mile Portal. View league table performance of tenants and provide them with their own personalised recycling data, which can be viewed and downloaded for internal reporting.


Ultimate control with the RecycleID™ App

Using the RecycleID™ App, customers and drivers can report contamination by scanning the QR code on the sack.

This allows for enhanced waste tracking further along its journey to be recycled and greater transparency for customers.

Since its implementation, there has been a 57% reduction in problems reported, this is because contaminated waste is easily identified, and we can advise customers on how to avoid future contamination.

Case Study: Central London Retail Estate

The Problem

This cluster of retail locations often produced different amounts of waste depending on the time of year and because they were all charged a fixed amount, recycling engagement was low as they felt their efforts didn't matter.

First Mile's Solution

We distributed internal sacks that were registered to each tenant using RecycleID™. Weight and contamination data is now logged using the RecycleID™ app and monthly waste reports are sent to tenants and estate management. Data insights help tenants identify how they can improve their recycling. 

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