Recycle ID™

Recycle ID™ is First Mile’s comprehensive and easy-to-use system to help multi-tenanted offices and estates to track and weigh waste by tenant or location, as well as monitoring quality of recycling. 

The system is customisable to each building or estates needs, and  systm can be used to effortlessly charge back to tenants in a fair way and enhance the level of reporting you provide to tenants.

How Recycle™ ID works


Ultimate control with the Recycle ID™ App

Using the Recycle ID™ App, customers and drivers can report contamination by scanning the QR code on the sack.

Since its implementation, there has been a 57% reduction in problems reported, this is because contaminated waste is easily identified, and we can advise customers on how to avoid future contamination.

Activate your recycling strategy with First Mile

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