We are thrilled to announce that First Mile has been awarded the Edie Net Zero Mobility Project of the Year Award and the Green Apple Environment Award for Recycling Collection and Consolidation by Electric Cargo Bike.

This recognition from the Edie Awards and Green Apple highlights our commitment to amazing customers, loving the environment and innovation in the waste management industry.

A Silent Revolution: Decarbonising with Electric Cargo Bikes

First Mile's groundbreaking initiative focuses on decarbonising our entire operation by utilising custom-built electric cargo bikes for recycling collection and consolidation.

These eco-friendly bikes, can carry 200kg of recycling, and operate silently across London with zero emissions, covering 25 miles daily on a single battery charge.

Each bike equals the capacity of a 3.5-tonne van-sized vehicle while saving an impressive 20.26 kg of CO2 emissions daily.

Central London Waste Collections

In response to changing urban dynamics, our strategy aligns with reduced traffic initiatives and emphasises low or zero-emission zones. First Mile stands out as an industry leader, transforming waste collection operations to meet evolving environmental and urban challenges.

We started using electric cargo bikes in early 2022 to collect recycling from businesses across Central London. Their innovative design means they're well suited to operate within smaller streets with dense traffic, this ensures we can carry out collections on time, 7 days a week.

Creating a Cleaner London

Our electric cargo bikes support broader decarbonisation objectives, addressing challenges such as air and noise pollution in London, restricted access to urban roads, and compliance with local council time bands.

Through experimentation, we've demonstrated that bikes can efficiently replace trucks, consolidating waste at dedicated sites for more effective handling.

Net-Zero Principles in Action

The project is inherently net-zero, and efficient loading ensures maximum truck suppression in central London. Effective partnerships have also minimised parking and waste consolidation costs, contributing to the project's success.

Innovative Sustainability and Zero-Emission Transport

First Mile is pioneering waste consolidation by cargo bike, setting new industry standards. Our commitment also extends to investing in technology to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, exemplified by our cargo bike cyclists using the same tracking system as our truck drivers to find the most eco-friendly route possible to carry out their collection round.

Impressive Results and Future Plans

Beyond emissions savings, our project has created accessible jobs, engaged communities, utilised brownfield sites responsibly, improved recycling processes, reduced missed collections, and fostered some amazing partnerships.

Our next goal is to increase the fleet to 35 by the end of 2024, eliminating 30 trucks from London's streets. Long-term, we're aiming for 75 operational bikes within five years.

Avoiding Over Five Tonnes of CO2 Emissions Weekly

Since introducing our electric cargo bikes, we've conducted 6,300 collections every week, resulting in the avoidance of over five tonnes of CO2 emissions. This standout stat showcases the tangible environmental impact of our initiative.

We're immensely proud of this achievement and grateful for the collaborative efforts that have made it possible. First Mile remains committed to pioneering sustainable solutions and contributing to a greener, cleaner future.

Reduce your Business' Scope 3 emissions with First Mile

If you're a business looking to improve your sustainability credentials and reduce your Scope 3 emissions, choose First Mile's range of recycling and circular economy services.

From core services such as Mixed Recycling, Cardboard Recycling and Food Recycling to special streams for hard-to-recycle items including Coffee Cups and Flexible Plastics, our zero-to-landfill guarantee ensures none of your waste goes to landfill and is instead either recycled or converted into energy to power the national grid.

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