Nutrition X

Product and Packaging

Nutrition X provides athletes with scientifically formulated sports supplements to help them stay on top of their game. Their product range includes, energy gets, vitamins and protein powder.

They are proud members of the European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance, which supports campaigns fighting to secure safer EU legislation on sports supplements.


Nutrition X's Challenge


Nutrition X want to ensure their business is as sustainable as possible, whilst maintaining high packaging standards in a way that's convenient for athletes.

They needed a specialist recycling solution to achieve this, as packaging for supplements such as energy gels are not widely recyclable.


First Mile's Solution


We provided Nutrition X and their partnered sports facilities with their own branded Return and Recycle points, which we collect when they're full.

Customers can conveniently fill their Nutrition X Return and Recycle points with hard-to-recycle items. Once the points are full, they simply scan the QR code to schedule a collection.

Our team will then thoroughly sort the waste and deliver it to our trusted recycling partners who will transform it into new, sustainable products.