Waste Reduction

We believe the future of waste is less of it, we’re working with customers to actually reduce waste output, and then recycle as much as possible of the remainder. 

Our approach is data-led, and supported by a clear set of waste reduction services that can have an impact:

Waste strategies for long-term success

Our two-step strategy provides customers with a clear and actionable plan to reduce their waste, here's how it works:

  • Waste Auditing:

    • First Mile provides 3 levels of waste auditing for businesses, allowing us to understand what you are producing, how it can be minimised, or better recycled
  • Reduction Services:

    • Reusables - First Mile can help you implement reusable packaging to replace disposable, with options available for on-site and off-site. 
    • Packaging Recommendations - First Mile can make recommendations on packaging use to help you choose more sustainable alternatives with a lower carbon footprint.

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