Nudie Jeans


Nudie Jean's Challenge


Founded in Sweden in 2001, Nudie Jeans has established itself as a leading fashion company renowned for its high-quality denim wear. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Nudie Jeans has gained recognition for its innovative approach to environmental responsibility, including the provision of specialist jeans repair services.

By offering these repair services, Nudie Jeans not only extends the life of its products but also promotes a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion consumption

Nudie Jeans has stores in central London locations such as Seven Dials and Soho. These are notoriously busy areas and can often be difficult to access during daytime hours, particularly with larger HGV vehicles.


First Mile's Solution


We set up convenient, daily collections using zero-emission, electric cargo bikes in hard-to-reach locations in central London. Our customised solutions have allowed Nudie Jeans to maintain their sustainable practices, even in busy parts of the city.

By working together, we ensure that Nudie Jeans' commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of its operations.

“For many years, we’ve used First Mile’s services across our London stores and found them consistently efficient and reliable.”

Gareth Cullen

Regional Retail Manager UK

Nudie Jeans' acheivements in 2023


In 2023 Nudie Jeans achieved a Gold Recycling Standard with a recycling rate of 96% across 5 different First Mile services, this puts them amongst our top recyclers in the UK.

Out of the total waste collected, 77 out of 80 tonnes was Mixed Recycling. This exemplifies Nudie Jeans' dedication to sustainability, as they've successfully recycled a large portion of their waste.

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