Nudie Jeans


Their Challenge

Founded in Sweden in 2001, Nudie Jeans has established itself as a leading fashion company renowned for its high-quality denim wear. 

By offering repair services, Nudie Jeans extends the life of its products and promotes a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion consumption

Nudie Jeans has stores in central London locations such as Seven Dials and Soho. These are notoriously busy areas and can often be difficult to access during daytime hours, particularly with larger HGV vehicles.


First Mile's Solution

To ensure regular, successful collections in busy, central locations we collect from Nudie Jeans using our zero-emission, electric cargo bikes. These bikes avoid carbon emissions whilst also enabling access to smaller or pedestrianised urban streets. 

Nudie Jeans have been able to get daily collections on a flexible schedule of kerbside sacks. This solution helps to ensure smooth collections in an area with not a lot of space for storing bins, and ensures collections are compliant with local council time-bands

Nudie Jeans have five streams in place including mixed recycling and food waste, two simple streams that ensure as much waste as possible is recycled and keep costs down. We also collect ad-hoc, sustainable bulky waste at times that suit them, such as after stock deliveries.

Results in the past 12 months

“For many years, we’ve used First Mile’s services across our London stores and found them consistently efficient and reliable.”

Gareth Cullen

Regional Retail Manager UK

Gold Recycling Standard

In 2023, Nudie Jeans successfully attained a Gold Recycling Standard, with their impressive 96% recycling rate. To achieve Gold customers need a recycling rate of 80% or more, and have at least four waste and recycling steams in place. 

Find out how we can help your company go for gold in 2024.

Find out how we can help your business recycle more

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