Free Post Recycling Programme

Enable your customers to post back end-of-life products or packaging to be recycled free of charge

Free Post Recycling Programme

Are you a brand that needs a national recycling solution for your product or your product packaging?

A simple, low-cost way for your customers to recycle products or packaging that have reached their end of life.

Enable your customers to send back products and packaging directly to First Mile via a free post address.

There is no charge to the customer, with the cost of recycling materials covered by your business. 

What happens to your end-of-life products and packaging?

First Mile provide product and packaging returns solutions with a measured environmental benefit and clear data on impact.

We can help your brand demonstrate its green credentials with an easy to use recycling solution for your customers.

Materials will be sent back to our First Mile Returns Centre where they will be sorted, cleaned and baled as necessary.

Materials will then be sent on to our recycling partners who will complete the recycling processes.

Can you recycle my product or packaging?

Make an enquiry today and let us know what materials you require a recycling solution for. 

Our team will identify the best environmental route to recycle your material, set-up your recycling collection scheme, and provide ongoing support, comms, and reporting to support the service.

Find our more about some of our previous partnerships below.

Hunter Boots

Hunter partnered with First Mile to offer a free-post recycling solution for their wellington boots. Customers posted back old boost for free to be recycled.

Returned boots were sent on to our processing partners, who shred and ground down materials before repurposing into playground and horse arena surfacing, kickboxing bags and floor fillers.

Bulldog Skincare

First Mile is the official recycling partner for Bulldog. Skincare packaging products are made from plastics that need specialist treatment. 

We collect and send packaging to undergo microwave-assisted pyrolysis, where plastics are turned back into oil which is then refined and used to produce new products. 

Cup Print 

First Mile provide solutions to recycle Cup Print's EarthCoating® certified-as-recyclable paper coffee cups. By ensuring the cups are source separated and recycled into new cups, they are kept within the circular economy. 

This means less waste and emissions from lanfill, and helps to save natural resources. 


First Mile helps Piccolo recycle their new polypropylene (PP) baby food pouch packaging. 

Once collected we send them for processing into new PP products.

First Mile and Piccolo are also exploring the potential of creating food-grade recycled PP that could be used in new Piccolo food pouches in future.

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