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06 November 2020

The Caterer – How to deal with food waste and sustainable takeaway packaging

19 October 2020

West Bridford Wire – Textile recycling scheme launched by Dunelm in Nottingham

22 October 2020

The Retail Bulletin – In-store textile recycling scheme launched by Dunelm

26 August 2020

MRW – Energy service launched by First Mile

26 August 2020

Waste Management World – London Recycling Firm First Mile Offers Renewable Energy Service

25 August 2020

London TV – First Mile Energy launched to supercharge sustainability

25 August 2020

Hub4 – First Mile powers-up sustainability with new battery recycling service to help protect our planet’s valuable natural resources

10 August 2020

Business Green – BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2020 - Meet the Finalists

10 August 2020

Packing Scotland – Polybag collection pilot looks to tackle plastic waste in fashion industry

10 August 2020

Make It British – Cost Per Wear: Why UK-Made Is The Smarter Option

02 August 2020

London TV – First Mile acquires Giraffe Recycling and strengthens its position as London’s leading recycling company

02 August 2020

MRW – First Mile takes over Giraffe in London

29 July 2020

bbpMedia – First Mile wins ‘Excellence in Responsible Business’ title at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce 2020 awards

27 July 2020

Business Leader – Covid-19 has given us all a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop, reflect, think, and reinvent ourselves

27 July 2020

SPRINGWISE – 'Recyclebox' aims to ease shortage of plastic bottle closures caused by lockdown

27 July 2020

ThisWeekInFM – Plastic Free July – Is it Realistic During a Pandemic?

09 June 2020

Retail Technology Review – First Mile launches safe and simple used PPE waste disposal solution for retailers

26 May 2020

HES – First Mile launches safe and simple waste disposal solution for used business PPE

26 May 2020

LiquidPlanner – How Project Managers Can Lead the Way in Sustainability

26 May 2020

EME Outlook – The Sustainable Ethos of BrewDog

26 May 2020

This is Clapham – Update from First Mile

26 May 2020

Huhtamaki – A short history of the paper cup - providing a hygienic choice since the early 20th century

26 May 2020

This Week in FM – Managing Waste Disposal and Used PPE For Businesses During COVID-19

18 May 2020

London TV – First Mile launches safe and simple waste disposal solution for used business PPE

28 April 2020

Resource – HOT 100 2020 – 40-11

27 April 2020

Resource – Putting waste out of fashion

24 April 2020

In Your Area – New delivery service launched in London to rescue plants and raise funds for NHS

22 April 2020

Business Mondays – London’s Leading Recycling Company, First Mile, Launches Fresh Fruit And Veg Box Deliveries

21 April 2020

London TV – London’s leading recycling company, First Mile, launches fresh fruit and veg box deliveries

20 April 2020

Edinburgh Live – Is Edinburgh one of the most forward-thinking places in Europe? National Geographic think so

20 April 2020

Edinburgh News – National Geographic names Edinburgh one of Europe’s most ‘forward-thinking’ cities

19 April 2020

Horticulture Week – Forty pieces of advice, financial support, inspiration and insight offered to beat coronavirus crisis

20 April 2023

Paddington Now – COVID-19: Back to Business Hub

20 April 2020

Metro News – Woman launches delivery service to rescue leftover plants during the pandemic

20 April 2020

Celebrity Angels – Plant Pack Aims to Rescue Garden Centre Casualties

20 April 2020

Essex TV – Rescuing plants whilst raising funds for NHS charities

20 April 2020

luxurious magazine – Rescuing plants via New London Delivery Service

20 April 2020

The Times – Entrepreneur give scrapped plants a new life

20 April 2020

The Telegraph – Save our plants! The great garden centre rescue gets underway

20 April 2020

National Geographic – Five cities across Europe pushing green initiatives

15 April 2020

CVE – First Mile gets new evito vans

15 April 2020

Packaging Europe – Live! Coronavirus coverage: Plastics recyclers cease production

15 April 2020

The Grocer – Manufacturers need bottle closures for sanitiser: it’s imperative we start recycling them

09 April 2020

Packaging Gateway – Covid-19: First Mile and Delphis Eco call for bottle closure recycling

09 April 2020

Plastic News – First Mile and Delphis Eco launch reuse service to plug Covid-19 plastic bottle top shortage

09 April 2020

Business Green – First Mile and Delphis Eco launch reuse service to plug Covid-19 plastic bottle top shortage

08 April 2020

PETnology – FirstMile - Go zero waste with RecycleBox

08 April 2020

British Plastics – Delphis Eco and First Mile call on the nation to recycle cleaning and personal care product packaging to help in the fight against coronavirus

08 April 2020

Packaging Scotland – Firms look to address shortage of bottle closures

08 April 2020

Better Wholesailing – Wholesalers called upon to educate about hand sanitiser recycling scheme

08 April 2020

Sustainable Plastics – Covid-19 putting strain on UK supply of plastic packaging containers

07 April 2020

Cash & Carry Management – Save plastic bottle closures to help in fight against COVID-19

07 April 2020

Talking Retail – C-stores asked to help solve the sanitiser shortage

07 April 2020

Asian Trader – Delphis Eco seeks retailers’ help to maintain supply of hand sanitiser

18 March 2020

S & B Commercials and Orwell Truck & Van – First Mile charges ahead with five zero-emission Mercedes-Benz eVito vans

16 March 2020

Retail Insider – Sustainable focus: First Mile Part Two

13 March 2020

Essential Fleet Operator – First Mile charges ahead with five zero-emission Mercedes-Benz eVito vans

10 March 2020

Fashion United – First Mile targets polybag recycling with London pilot

09 March 2020

The Van Expert – Five Mile adds to green credentials with five new eVito vans

09 March 2020

Commercial Fleet – Mercedes-Benz eVito vans join First Mile fleet

06 March 2020

Commercial Fleet – First Mile installs new charge points to support EV fleet

06 March 2021

GreenBiz – Hundreds of companies crack down on plastic from fast fashion to supermarkets and beyond

06 March 2020

EV Fleet World – First Mile chooses Octopus Group to avoid up-front EV cost burden

06 March 2020

Mercedes Benz Vans – First Mile is one of the first companies to receive fully electric Mercedes-Benz eVito vans

05 March 2020

Fleet World – First Mile chooses Octopus Group to avoid up-front EV cost burden

06 March 2020

GreenFleet – First Mile installs new charging infrastructure to support EV fleet

05 March 2020

Van Fleet World – First Mile chooses Octopus Group to avoid up-front EV cost burden

05 March 2020

Great British Fleet Event – First Mile chooses Octopus Group to avoid up-front EV cost burden

04 March 2020

Retail Insider – Sustainable focus: First Mile

02 March 2020

London News Online – Project launched in Brixton aims to recycle 150,000 coffee cups in first year

29 February 2020

Sustainable Brands – New partnerships aim to tackle the fashion industry’s packaging footprint — with circular solutions for polybags and MATCHESFASHION’s new, recyclable boxes furthering the cause.

28 February 2020

MRW – News round-up February 2020

27 February 2020

British Plastics and Rubber Magazine – First Mile launches new RecycleBox post-back packaging recycling services

26 February 2020


26 February 2020

Apparel views – First Mile and Fashion For Good partnership tackle plastic waste

26 February 2020

Ecotextile News – Gymshark bolsters office recycling infrastructure

26 February 2020

Sustainable Plastics – Fashion for Good partners with First Mile on pilot project to tackle plastic polybag waste

26 February 2020

BusinessGreen – From stations and supermarkets to fast fashion and takeaway boxes, the plastics crackdown continues

25 February 2020

London TV – First Mile joins Fashion for Good pilot project to tackle plastic polybag waste

25 February 2020

Packaging News – First Mile joins Fashion for Good to tackle plastic polybag waste

25 February 2020

Ecotextile News – Fashion For Good expands polybag recycling work

25 February 2020

British Plastics – First Mile and Fashion for Good collaborate on pilot project to tackle plastic polybag waste

25 February 2020

Packaging Europe – First Mile and Fashion for Good team up on closed-loop fashion waste scheme

25 February 2020

Just Style – Pilot project to tackle plastic polybag waste in fashion industry

24 February 2020

Brixton Blog – Brixton leads way on coffee cup recycling

19 February 2020

Just Drinks – BrewDog swaps used cans for equity

12 February 2020

The Packaging Portal – First Mile’s compostable packaging

07 February 2020

Waste Management World – First Mile’s Compostable Packaging Recycling Service for decent packaging’s London Customers

07 February 2020

Packaging News – Scheme launched to collect compostable packs in London

04 February 2020

Scottish Housing News – Edinburgh’s population increased by 13% in ten years

16 January 2020

Packaging Scotland – New partnership allows customers to go the extra Mile on recycling

16 January 2020

Earth Island – Frugalpac includes First Mile RecycleBox service

16 January 2020

Packaging Today – Frugalpac includes First Mile RecycleBox service for its Frugal Cup customers

10 December 2019

London TV – BusinessGreen Technology Awards’ recognition for First Mile’s innovative RecycleBox

22 November 2019

Essex TV – Essex TV reported our recent achievement at the Camden and Islington Sustainability Awards 2019

19 November 2019

Let's Recycle – Recycling services offered for hair irons and corks

11 November 2019

Harpers – New recycling service launches for corks and cartons

11 November 2019

Packaging Gateway – First Mile launches wine corks and long-life carton recycling service

11 November 2019

Access All Areas – First Mile supported Food Made Good awards

11 November 2019

Packaging News – Cork and cartons added to RecycleBox service

04 November 2019

UK Investor Magazine – Workplaces need to be more eco-friendly, study finds

01 November 2019

MRW – Digital edition: November 2019

29 October 2020

BBC News – Hangers are 'fashion industry's plastic straw', says designer

29 October 2019

Independent – Designer of 'fully sustainable' hanger says plastic version is industry's 'dirty secret'

29 October 2019

Daily Mail – A sustainable alternative for coat hangers designed by Roland Mouret

29 October 2019

BBC News – Plastic hangers are our little dirty secret, says designer

20 October 2019

Environment Journal – Misleading wording on packaging encourages littering, study says

16 October 2019

Birmingham Updates – 127,000 kg of waste recycled in first year of Jewellery Quarter BID and First Mile scheme

14 October 2019

Mirror – How life-threatening brain tumour turned science teacher into beach eco warrior

09 October 2019

BusinessGreen – BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2019: Finalists announced

09 October 2019

Let's Recycle – News in brief (10/10/19)

08 October 2019

Resource – Cycling challenge tackles plastic pollution

07 October 2019

Hampstead Village BID – Hampstead Village BID announces partnership with First Mile

29 September 2019

BusinessGreen – First Mile and Vegware team up to stop compostable packaging ending up in landfill

29 September 2019

Scottish Field – Top three major green cities in the UK are in Scotland

24 September 2019

The Grocer – Vegware links with First Mile for compostable packaging collection

22 September 2019

Resource – Vegware announces post-back service to encourage compostables recycling

22 September 2019

Packaging News – First Mile and Vegware team up to boost compostable packaging recycling

18 September 2019

The Guardian – Burger King is giving up on free plastic toys for kids – when will others follow?

17 September 2019

London Post – London’s First Mile a UK winner in European Business Awards

10 September 2019

Packaging Insights – Why simpler packaging can increase recycling levels

08 September 2019

EuroNews – How to make your start-up business sustainable from day one

05 September 2019

Food Voices – First Mile's research highlights the volume of coffee cups used nationwide

12 August 2019

Packaging News – Packaging Innovations London 2019 | Plastics debate line-up revealed

12 August 2023

Packaging Europe – The BIG Plastics Debate puts plastic alternatives under the microscope

08 August 2019

WIRED – Here's the truth behind the UK's biggest recycling myths

29 July 2019 – Cyclist completes 7,000km beach clean-up ride around UK coastline

25 July 2019

CelluloidJunkie – CJ Green: Curzon’s Sustainability Measures

23 July 2019

Flux – The link between an eco-friendly office and workplace well-being

16 July 2019

Packaging Gateway – James Cropper and Hallmark to create card range made from coffee cups

09 July 2019

Cleaning Hygiene Today – Inside First Mile’s “Sacktory”

07 July 2019

Packaging News – Coffee Cup recycling update and debate at London event

03 July 2019

Let's Recycle – News in brief (04/07/2019)

02 July 2019

Earth Island – First Mile and Huhtamaki join forces to accelerate disposable coffee cup recycling

01 July 2019

Resource – The climate impact of a coffee cup

30 June 2019

Packaging Europe – First Mile and Huhtamaki accelerate disposable coffee cup recycling

30 June 2019

Express & Star – Free food festival heading to Birmingham this weekend

30 June 2019

Packaging News – First Mile and Huhtamaki join forces to accelerate coffee cup recycling

30 June 2019

MRW Magazine – News round-up July 2019

27 June 2019

Evening Standard – How Hunter are turning your old wellies into horse tracks creating a sustainable solution to waste

12 June 2019

European Business Magazine – Going Solo-Running A Business By Yourself

09 June 2019

BusinessGreen – Going circular: Is your office fit for the future and fit for the planet?

03 June 2019

Dezeen – Eight design brands leading the way in sustainability

03 June 2019

Metro – Sustainable fashion just got a new cool makeover

29 May 2019

Fibre2Fashion – Inditex UK signs for First Mile's plastic hanger recycling

24 January 2023

Waste Management World – Six Waste & Recycling Firms Warn Government Against Creating ‘Monopoly’

21 May 2019

Air Quality News – Parents ‘trapped’ in toxic homes as Hubbub launch new air quality campaign

20 May 2019

BusinessGreen – Coat hangers: First Mile confronts its latest waste villain

19 May 2019

British Plastics & Rubber – First Mile launches new coat hanger recycling service to prevent millions of hangers going to waste each year

13 May 2019

Birmingham Live – All the amazing food and drink you can try at Colmore Food Festival 2019

12 May 2019

Packaging Gateway – First Mile launches UK compostable packaging recycling service

12 May 2019

British Plastics and Rubber Magazine – First Mile launches the UK’s first dedicated compostable packaging recycling service

08 May 2019

Environment Journal – UK’s first compostable packaging recycling service launched

08 May 2019

BusinessGreen – First Mile launches recycling service for compostable packaging

08 May 2019

The Environmental Blog – Three items that should always be recycled

07 May 2019

Evening Standard – Kerbside recycling service for compostable packaging aimed at businesses to be launched

07 May 2019

Packaging News – First Mile launches dedicated compostable packaging recycling service

07 May 2019

Alternative Energies – The Obscure Benefits of Recycling

30 April 2019

MRW Magazine – News round-up May 2019

28 April 2019

Let's Recycle – Company news round-up (29/04/2019)

17 April 2019

BBC – Costa Coffee vows 'cup recycling revolution'

16 April 2019

Start Your Business – Why a good recycling rate can help your business model to meet eco-conscious consumer expectations

04 April 2019

Evening Standard – ULEZ charge: How will the ultra-low emission zone check affect Londoners?

02 April 2019

Evening Standard – London hospitals trial blood deliveries by bike as Mayor's toxic air levy comes in

02 April 2019

CSM – Changing Customer Demands – Is Your Business Keeping Up?

01 April 2019

Fleet News – Imminent London ULEZ prompts renewed calls for Government help

27 March 2019

BizCatalyst 360 – How offices can reduce their environmental impact

18 March 2019

Jewellery Quarter – JQBID Partners with First Mile in Mission to Make Birmingham Green!

11 March 2019

Guardian Series – Swapping vehicles to meet ULEZ emissions standards is 'minimum' companies should do

27 February 2019

Evening Standard – How to protect yourself from London's air pollution

19 February 2019

Blue & Green Tomorrow – 3 Easy Ways Businesses Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

15 February 2019

Let's Recycle – London Fashion Week sparks recycling debate

15 February 2019

Resource – Companies partner to tackle coffee cup waste in Scotland

14 February 2019

London Post – First Mile poll highlights the nation’s throwaway clothing culture ahead of London Fashion Week

02 February 2019

The Press and Journal – How to make any wardrobe sustainable

29 January 2019

Made in Shoreditch – Interview with Bruce Bratley, CEO of First Mile

25 January 2019

This Week in FM – Action Required To Halt A Return To Deadly Smog

22 January 2019

Small Business Sense – How Important is it to Have a Concrete Code of Ethics?

18 January 2019

London Post – First Mile Releases Image of Air Pollution Damage to Oxford Street

14 January 2019

Megri – The Benefits of Being an Eco-Friendly Small Business

11 January 2019

Design Like – How to Design Your Business to Attract Millennials

11 January 2019

Money Journey Today – Is Eco-Friendliness in the Workplace Affordable?

08 January 2019

Our Business News – What are Big High-Street Retailers Doing to Appear More Eco-Friendly?

02 January 2019

My Life I Guess – Why an eco-friendly cafe or restaurant appeals more attractive to customers

02 January 2019

EU Business – What are the Biggest Companies Doing to Appear More Eco-Friendly?

18 December 2018

Talk Business – Does presenting as eco-friendly increase revenue?

17 December 2018

Business First – The Benefits of Running an Eco-Friendly Small Business

14 December 2018

Resource – New recycling scheme for single-use plastic beer kegs

13 December 2018

Packaging Europe – First Mile and KeyKeg Kick-start a Closed-loop Recycling Programme for Plastic Beer Kegs

13 December 2018

Suburban Finance – Top Tips For Picking The Perfect Restaurant

01 December 2018

Australian News Daily Bulletin – Should Highstreet Retailers Do More to Reduce Packaging and Recycle?

17 July 2018

MotorTransport – First Mile puts best foot Forward with six new Isuzu trucks

18 June 2018

Global Citizen – This UK Store Will Buy Back Old Clothes to Cut Down on Waste

11 June 2018

City A.M. – The planet’s plastic addiction is hurting our oceans, so we all must reduce, reuse, and recycle

31 May 2018

LetsRecycle – Costa to ‘review’ cup pledge if levy passed

18 April 2018

LetsRecycle – Waste sector backs Costa’s coffee cup recycling plan

17 April 2018

The Guardian – This article is more than 4 years old Costa Coffee to recycle equivalent of all its takeaway cups each year

09 September 2017

Bdaily – First Mile recycling company is cutting out diesel vehicles in London

11 July 2017

Oroco – WRAP claims progress on clothing sustainability

08 July 2017

Plastic Oceans – Plastic Pollution — the path to awareness

27 May 2017

Forbes – London Stock Exchange's '1,000 Companies To Inspire Britain' Shows SME's Growing At 70%

23 May 2017

MRW – Going beyond the First Mile

16 May 2017

LetsRecycle – First Mile targets growth after GCP investment

09 May 2017

Information Age – Going green: technology’s battle to save the planet

29 March 2017

Renewable Energy Magazine – Food Waste Collection in the UK: An interview with Bruce Bratley of First Mile

20 March 2017

Edie – How to win the war on waste in the UK

06 March 2017

City A.M. – Absolute rubbish: Waste entrepreneur Bruce Bratley on building his recyling empire

16 February 2017

Resource – bio-bean establishes Caffe Nero partnership to turn coffee waste into fuel

13 February 2017

Business Green – Caffè Nero teams up with bio-bean and First Mile to turn waste coffee into fuel

10 February 2017

The Evening Standard – Caffè Nero first major coffee chain with delivery scheme to convert beans into fuel

06 February 2017

The Telegraph – First Mile chief: ‘saving the planet should be made easy’

13 July 2015

Medium – First Mile: Recycling Company Uses CRM to Help Customers Manage Their Rubbish

12 December 2014

Management Today – How London's recycling king built an £11m turnover business

07 August 2013

REB News – First Mile pioneers pop-up recycling in London

25 February 2008

Small Biz Pod – Recycling Support Brings Business Success

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