Recycling resources


First Mile are here to set your business up for success from day one.

We offer a range of recycling resources to help you engage your workforce and make recycling as accessible and effective as possible.

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Recycling posters

Our free recycling posters are colour-coded to match our streams. They help identify what waste can and can't go in each bin, helping your workplace to recycle more effectively.

Please note that delivery can take up to one week.

Cardboard bins

Low-cost and easy to assemble, order from a range of cardboard bins for any of our recycling streams.

You will receive a bin base, lid, sleeve and complementary posters to display. 

Watch our video on how to put them together here.

Bin stickers

We offer bin stickers for all of our recycling streams. 

Our stickers can be displayed on the inside of your bins to help your workforce identify which recycling sack to use when relining them. 

Please note that delivery can take up to one week.


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