We’ve been promoting the #comebackgreener handle on social media to help drive the conversation during lockdown around how we can all make choices to help make a clean break from business as usual and address the urgent issues of climate change that still loom over the current disruption from Covid-19.

As an individual, it can be daunting to think about changing habits. So let’s simplify things a bit by focusing on a few simple actions that you can take, in your own home or as an employee, to make real changes within one important room: the kitchen.

1. Separating food waste for recycling or composting

By setting up food waste recycling, you can significantly reduce the CO2 emissions that are connected to your activity in the kitchen.

This is because when separated from rubbish, food waste can be recycled through composting or anaerobic digestion treatments, which have far lower emissions than the treatment of rubbish and food waste when mixed together.

At First Mile, we have seen that all workplaces, big or small, have the opportunity to have this positive impact and reduce their bills on waste management, by recycling food waste separately.

  • As an employee, talk to your colleagues or contact us about how you can come back greener as a business by introducing food recycling at your workplace.
  • At home, take up a food recycling service available from your local council or speak to us at First Mile to see if we can help. Even better, start your own compost heap!

2. Be clean, but green as well - switch to cleaning products that are safe for the environment

Did you know that the colouring and scents that are added to many of our cleaning products are harmful for the fish and other life in our seas and rivers?

We’ve teamed up with Delphis Eco, a British firm who have invested in creating professional cleaning products that are sustainable and accredited as safe for the natural environment.

  • At home or at work, you can become a protector of marine life by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • You can also send to us any finished and hard-to-recycle cleaning sprays or soap pumps to enable these components to be reused directly on Delphis Eco’s new cleaning products and soaps. Reduce waste and promote plastics reuse by booking a free collection today.

3. Support the UK’s shift towards a low-carbon economy by switching your energy supplier

Did you know that recycled food waste is one of a number of different renewable energy sources that is fuelling the growth of low-carbon energy supply into the UK’s national grid?

First Mile have recently partnered with Octopus Energy to help close the loop by turning waste into energy, which can then be put back into the National Grid.

Even before changing any habits at home or at work to reduce energy consumption, switching your energy supplier to a 100% renewable energy supplier will have a long-term impact on carbon reduction. Thankfully, switching suppliers will take you only a few minutes, and is easy with the Energy Switch Guarantee mechanism.

  • At work, you can sign up to First Mile Energy – set to launch later this year. Register your interest here.
  • At home, you can cast your vote for a low-carbon economy by switching to a 100% renewable energy supplier, such as Octopus Energy.

Let us know what actions you will be taking to #comebackgreener on social media!

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