We’ve all seen the Fairtrade logo in the shops, but what does it actually mean? Founded back in 1992, the Fairtrade Foundation sets social, economic and environmental standards for products sold world-wide, such as cocoa, cotton and coffee. By complying with these standards, it ensures that producers are paid a fair price whilst putting sustainable practices into place.

In 2013/14, over €106.2 million was paid as Fairtrade premium to producers, with 26% being spent on education for their families. These benefits of Fairtrade are clear, but are you aware of the perhaps more unexpected additional benefits for your office?

1. Reducing your single-use plastic with Co-op Fairtrade tea bags

It’s estimated that 16 billion cups of tea are brewed in the UK annually, which creates 150 tonnes of plastic waste from sealing the teabags. By changing your business brew to a brand such as Co-op's 99 Fairtrade tea bags, you'll reduce the plastic in your cuppa.

2. Supporting farmers whilst making green energy from your morning coffee

Did you know AMT were the first national coffee company to ensure all their tea and coffee was Fairtrade? Go grab a coffee, using your reusable coffee cup - and don’t forget to recycle your business's coffee grounds with First Mile and bio bean so that the producers hard work goes the extra mile!

3. Making your Friday’s taste so much better by knowing you’re helping farmers

Multiple supermarkets now sell Fairtrade wine and beers, with 100% of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference wine being Fairtrade. What a good excuse for office drinks on friday!

So does ethical taste better? We asked our staff if they could tell the difference between Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade products. Check out how they got on!