Let’s not beat around the bush – the coronavirus pandemic means it’s a difficult time to be a business in this world. The landscape as we know it has changed; but despite the obvious challenges, we at First Mile believe there are still plenty of positives to be found in these situations.

Over the past few days, we have been speaking to local businesses and charities who – due to increased demand for their services – may be looking for help to complete their deliveries.

Enter Farmaround.

Farmaround are a local organic food and farming business who have been providing fruit and veg to London and the surrounding counties since 1994. In addition to their core group of loyal customers, Farmaround have seen an influx of new consumers interested and booking orders of their produce in the last week, which is fantastic news!

The First Mile depot is local to Farmarounds packing facility so we jumped at the opportunity to assist with deliveries! Within a few emails and calls, we now have two vans delivering to over 100 customers across London, many of whom are part of our heroic NHS. This is an outcome that benefits everyone involved – Farmaround, their customers and First Mile!

This small example shows the power of businesses coming together, having an open and honest conversation about their current situation, and coming up with innovative solutions to adapt to our changing environment.

We very much hope that this is the first example of many over the coming weeks of First Mile being able to support local businesses – but bigger than that, we’d love to see the news full of positive stories of all businesses supporting each other for a brighter future for London.

If you are interested in partnering with First Mile on any deliveries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 612 9894 or email us at customers@thefirstmile.co.uk