We had the privilege of taking part in the InspiresMe scheme a couple of weeks ago. This is a fantastic programme supported by the Mayor of London which looks to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and give them some valuable business experience. Gerda Tekoriute, a bright 18 year old from City & Islington college joined us and shares her week with First Mile below….

I immensely enjoyed my time at First Mile, I was accepted into their lively and amiable workplace right away and was given outstanding insight into what office life is like by rotating daily in each of the departments, participating in meetings, devising a lead portfolio, shadowing brand ambassadors, making customer orders and visiting their operation facilities. Not knowing what to expect I was blown away by how unified each of the departments are, I felt a real sense of community, which I believe made my experience even more enjoyable.

The most admirable aspect of First Mile is its devotion to recycling and making the world more sustainable. Living in an increasingly polluted world, and with global warming beginning to reach a tipping point, I believe First Mile’s job has become increasingly significant and they will undoubtedly become dominant players within the recycling market as people grow more concerned about their ecological footprint. Beyond the growing demand for recycling however, I believe the driving force of First Mile’s rapid growth is the people that work there.

First Mile has a brilliant workforce. Whether it be the Business Development team gathering as many leads as possible or the Customer Service team trying to maintain their great customer service by dealing with as many queries and complaints as they can. I realised through my rotations that each department faces their own obstacles but all pieces are equally important to the day-to-day functioning of the company. Regardless of any difficulties; you can always hear laughter in the office!

I was also blown away by how involved First Mile is with charities like the Small Steps project and Crisis. This insight gave me an even more positive outlook on the company, as not only are they trying to improve our environment but they are also giving back to those in need. I would like to say thank you to the whole of First Mile team for an amazing, unforgettable week!