Many people around us, or on social media, have been showing off their DIY and decluttering skills whilst spending more time at home than ever before. From a new office space, to a new painted wall, or a balcony made super cosy.

We finally have the time to sort out some things around the house that we’ve been putting off for weeks, months or even years. Many of us are working from home, looking around whilst we sit behind our laptops, thinking “Do I even like this desk lamp?”, “Why is that ugly ornament on show?”, “Why did I put that depressing picture up on my wall?”.

Many Brits since the beginning of lockdown have been doing major clear-outs in their homes. Especially with minimalism and plants being all the rage. Less clutter, more purifying plants.

Here are our top five tools to have a sustainable clutter-bust. Because even though you will feel great once everything is out of your house, holding onto it for a couple of days extra until it finds a new home, will make you feel even better! Lockdown has lowered air pollution in the whole country, so let’s not send our clutter to landfill.

Here are our top solutions for a sustainable declutter:

1-Gumtree: you can buy and sell anything from cars to houses, and it's all free.

2-eBay: Pretty sure we don't have to explain this one, but again, a platform where you can buy and sell anything. Try to focus your purchases in the UK to lower your carbon footprint.

3-Facebook Marketplace: where you can buy and sell pretty much anything, including really nice furniture, and you can put in your location to see what is the closest to you.

4-Depop: from selling your unworn clothes to buying second-hand clothes and accessories.

5-First Mile bulky waste clearances: from garden waste to small clearances. With a First Mile clearance, we guarantee that nothing goes to landfill.

6-You can recycle your old clothes here or hold on to them until charity shops re-open so they can benefit from selling them.

We also had a great conversation with George a professional home organiser and declutterer, who gave us great tips and insight into the world of organisation and decluttering. You can find George's services here and watch our conversation with the expert below.