While we’re all spending more time at home, there are lots of changes that you can make to reduce the carbon footprint of your household. Here are three ways First Mile can help you greenify your home.


We all know that recycling reduces waste. But did you know that recycling is viewed as the world's seventh resource providing up to 40% of the planet's raw material needs? Recycling also keeps materials in the circular economy, saves energy in the manufacturing process and reduces raw material depletion - all of which help fight climate change.

So much of what we throw away can be recycled and turned into something new. Whether it’s a banana peel which can generate enough energy to power your phone twice, a coat hanger than can be used to create a new coat hanger, or an old welly boot that can be turned into playground surfacing.

Join us on our mission to #RecycleEverything.


Did you know that you can save tonnes of carbon by simply switching your energy to renewable? It's cheaper and way better for the environment. Just think, every time the wind blows or the sun shines, you could be harnessing that energy to power your home.

We’ve joined up with eco-friendly power heroes Octopus Energy to offer you a great green energy deal for your home. It's super quick and easy to switch, and you can get a quote in seconds...

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Want to find out more? Here are 22 reasons why green energy is good for you, good for your pocket and definitely good for the planet.


Using sustainable products at home can have a positive impact on the environment. If you start to look around your home, you’ll notice lots of things that you could trade up for more eco-friendly versions.

Take your cleaning products as an example. Are they made using plant-based, non-toxic, planet-friendly ingredients? Do they come in recycled plastic bottles? We’ve teamed up with Delphis Eco to offer a great deal on starter packs which are perfect for all your home cleaning and hygiene essentials.

And it doesn’t stop there. With more and more people working from home and creating home offices, we’ve teamed up with Remarkable – an innovative brand that makes stationery supplies from recycled materials. Using recycled paper instead of virgin paper is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll also find pens made from recycled office equipment and notebooks made from recycled coffee cups and water bottles!

A gift for you…

To help you keep sustainability at the forefront of your mind, we’ve designed a range of posters to brighten up your home and inspire you to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recycle More. They’re yours to share, download and keep for free!

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