During Zero Waste Week, Mayor Boris Johnson attended the official launch of First Mile’s new coffee recycling service. Loyal customer and eco-warriors, Workshop Coffee, hosted the event and are one of many customers now using the newly launched recycling service.

The Mayor was accompanied by Zac Goldsmith MP to acknowledge and celebrate London’s first waste collection service which is solely for waste coffee grounds.

The coffee recycling service is provided together with bio-bean who produce biomass pellets from the waste coffee grounds which are used to power energy networks.

The Mayor of London also commended both companies on the success of the collaboration and went on to say “…They’ve done the hard grind and now Londoners can enjoy their daily coffee fix in the safe knowledge that as well as their own caffeine kick the energy levels of as many as 15,000 homes are being boosted.”

Recycling your coffee not only makes you more environmentally friendly but also saves you money and reduces your waste disposal fees.

To join London’s first daily coffee recycling collection, call us on 0800 612 9894.