2013 was a big year for London businesses and we would like congratulate all of our customers on a fantastic year of recycling.Over the course of 2013, 12,000 London businesses put out enough First Mile mixed recycling sacks to fill the Gherkin building twice over!

The paper recovered from these mixed recycling sacks will be recycled and turned into new paper, saving the equivalent of 212,489 trees!

By recycling their waste with First Mile, businesses helped save raw materials, prevent deforestation and reduce their carbon footprint. They also ensured that none of their waste was sent to landfill.

Last year we collected enough mixed recycling sacks to fill the Gherkin twice. In 2014 we’re hoping businesses will recycle enough material to fill the Shard!

With anaerobic digestion facilities and cleaner energy from waste plants now operating in and around London, businesses can continue to save money and recycle more in 2014.