When it comes to tackling the climate crisis and being generally kinder to our planet, one of the most impactful steps for businesses is to switch to renewable energy. No matter your industry, we can guarantee you need power to help your organisation thrive. Whether that’s your office computers, the constantly boiled staff kettle or the machinery in your warehouse, you need energy to maintain a growing and successful business (without depriving your employees of tea!)

Looking at this more closely, we can break businesses emissions down into three tiers: scope one, scope two and scope three.

Scope one, aka, direct emissions, are those given off directly from your business. This could include the fuel consumption used by your vans and machinery. Scope two is the energy you purchase, i.e. electricity, heat and steam, and scope three is the energy used by your suppliers and your supply chains.

You may not be able to make direct changes to scope three, but scope one and two are certainly manageable. This is where green energy comes in.

If you’re focusing on sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint, renewable energy is going to be your best friend. Simply read on to find out why.

The Climate Crisis

In a time where the climate is becoming one of the biggest threats to our planet, the reasons for focusing on renewable energy should be obvious. Without habitable earth, there is no business.

That may seem a little dramatic, but according to the IPCC (the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we only have 12 years before the damage caused by climate change is irreversible.

Despite such a terrifying prospect, there are ways that businesses can do their part in the fight against it. Green energy is no longer this strange and alien resource – it’s becoming more mainstream, so much so, that the industry itself is estimated to be worth around $1,512.3 billion by 2025.

But what about your business? How easy is it to switch to green energy; how does it support your sustainability agenda? Let’s dive in a little deeper.

How Does Green Energy Support Your Sustainability Agenda?

More and more businesses are focusing on their sustainability agenda. They are asking themselves how they can make their workplaces, products and general day-to-day operations more viable in the long term. This includes their environmental impact.

With more pressure being placed on organisations to reduce their CO2 emissions and make positive impacts on the earth, green energy is becoming increasingly popular and, quite frankly, the obvious next step.

In the UK, the most used forms of green energy are solar power, wind power and hydropower. What’s right for your business will depend on the size of your building or land.

For example, if you own a large building or outside space, installing solar panels is the ideal way to generate your own green energy from the sun. You’ll be able to produce electricity and even heat your hot water tank. Aside from the initial installation costs, solar power is free and will even work on a cloudy day.

You can also produce hydropower by building and installing a system on your premises. Despite popular belief, this isn’t just available to big businesses.

That’s not to say you need to generate power yourself. There are tons of fantastic green energy suppliers that will supply your business with natural and harmless power at a fraction of the cost of the grid.

Furthermore, renewable energy is, in itself, 100% sustainable. Whereas traditional fossil fuels include non-renewables such as crude oil, coal and gasses, green energy will never deplete in supply and will never pull its source from the earth.

The UK, for example, is ideally situated for harnessing wind power due to its northwestern position. And, if you’ve ever been to Scotland, you’ll understand why the wind turbines are so perfectly placed!

Cut Costs

One of the most attractive aspects of green energy for businesses is the cost. You’ll increase your business sustainability by being less reliant on the grid. Electricity bills can be pricey – especially for small companies with less budget – so moving to renewable sources will take a weight off your outgoings every month.

How Easy Is it to Switch?

Super easy. Just like you might switch bank accounts, switching energy suppliers can be done online through easy-to-use platforms that’ll take up just a fraction of your workday.

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Should You Let Your Clients Know?

The simple answer is yes. Sustainability is all about transparency. Showing your clients, customers and followers that you’re switching to renewable energy is only going to make them love, trust and respect you more. Of course, this shouldn’t be your sole reason for going green, but it’s a great benefit. And, as we move into a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future, those who refuse to commit to the planet will likely be left behind.

What’s more, your employees will be on board with it too! Being green and focusing on renewable energy sources will boost your sustainability creds amongst your workforce.

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