We are writing to let you know that today (29 July 2020) First Mile Limited have acquired Giraffe Recycling.

Giraffe Recycling decided significant investment is required to recover successfully from the Coronavirus pandemic and customers would be better served as part of a company with more available resources.

Giraffe Recycling was created through the support of customers like yourselves and First Mile understand this and pride themselves on service and customer care. Giraffe Recycling are confident First Mile will do a great job of looking after all your needs today and in the future, including a seamless continuation of collections and enhanced recycling.

First Mile know that over several years Giraffe have built strong relationships with their customers, and so they are keen to ensure that they protect value by working hard to keep customers happy. In addition to this letter the First Mile team will be contacting you to answer any questions you may have, and John Lowery of Giraffe Recycling is available for the transition period and can answer any question you might have about moving to First Mile during the handover.

No major changes are planned for the business in the short term, but First Mile will be in touch to check your details and to find out your business activity levels at the present time. First Mile will continue to collect your Giraffe Recycling pre-paid sacks.

First Mile are keen for any feedback you might have and in the first instance this can be sent to bruce@thefirstmile.co.uk.

For general enquiries and orders please email customers@thefirstmile.co.uk or call 0333 300 3448.

Giraffe Recycling thank you for your business and support over the past years, it has been greatly appreciated and First Mile look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Warmest regards,

John Lowery, Founder, Giraffe Recycling Limited


Bruce Bratley, CEO, First Mile Limited