We receive frequent feedback from businesses about the challenges of motivating time-starved employees to unite in their care about greener business activities. When it's not part of business KPI's, how can you we push recycling and sustainability up the pecking order? The solution could lie in forming a Green Team.

Green Teams are no longer exclusive to their birth place of the public sector. With teams popping up across various organisations, complete with actionable strategies to empower employees and reduce a business’s environmental impact; they’re starting to become common place in modern business.

Don't take our word for it. Our top recyclers of 2017 all adopted green teams and found that they helped motivate staff, improved recycling rates and saved them both resources and money.

We have set up a ‘Green Team’ to monitor and inspire the wider team, organising visits from First Mile and ensuring our recycling service is as practical as possible

Kerttu, Union Roasted

Once formed, green team's can take responsibility for waste management, saving energy, reducing emissions and much more.