We want to say thank you for recycling with us in 2014, and to show you what your business has achieved by working with First Mile this year.

For every bag of material your business recycles, we donate to the Small Steps Project - a humanitarian organisation that works to improve the lives of children and families living on landfill sites around the world.

What have you achieved this year?

The money donated to the project this year has been used to provide food, shoes and medical care to thousands of people all over the world. One project in particular took place on the Pata Rat dump in Romania…

Emergency action was needed to help the 400 people living on dump. Thanks to partner support, the Small Steps Project was able to deliver a feeding programme to 150 children and distribute warm clothes and over 1000 pairs of boots, shoes and socks to people living on the dump.

With 28 babies on the dump, all at danger from malnutrition and sanitation issues, it became apparent that long term help was needed.

A sustainable solution was created in the form of a Mother and Baby Programme, which offers parenting skills, nutritional and medical advice and counselling for mothers from the dump. Here, the babies are fed, washed and monitored while their mothers are counselled on finding work away from the dump.

First Mile will be travelling to the Pata Rat dump in 2015, to help with the project and to see first-hand how it’s helping the local community. We’ll be keeping you updated on the project and what we find.

You can find out more about the Small Steps Project here.