Many of us are working from home at the moment, or are on furlough, which means you are still spending most of your days at home.

In any case, you finally have the time to look around your home. Even if you are working full time, you’ve cut your daily commute out, which has given you more time at home and in your garden. Many people have already done big clear outs, but have you ever thought of upcycling?

You don’t need to be a manual person, just find what inspires you the most, and what is doable for you. Also – with what you currently have in your home, it can be a very enjoyable exercise to do with the whole family. Upcycling also keeps items out of landfill sites. You can continuously upcycle things for different uses whenever you've finished with them.

Upcycling is:

  • Therapeutic
  • Fun
  • Great for the environment

Now let’s get to it!

It can be really simple, such as transforming a can into a plant pot or a pencil holder. You can (pun intended) easily get your kids involved with this one, finding the perfect can, cleaning it, rinsing it, taking the label off, and finding the perfect place in your home for your new pencil holder.

If, like many people, you have random objects in your garden, have a look and see if you can turn them into funky garden furniture.

Or, turn an old skateboard into a swing? This one was found next to a bin. When you go for your daily walk around the block, keep an eye out in case someone's trash becomes your treasure.

Unleash your creativity around the house, and redecorate some walls, inside and outside.

If you need some more inspiration check out these upcycling websites:

-Upcycle That

-Upcycling Ideas

-My Repurposed Life


Send us your upcycling projects via Instagram, and we will post the best ones on our page!