Calthorpe Estates business waste & recycling services

First Mile is delighted to be working in partnership with Calthorpe Estates to help the local community to avoid carbon emissions and improve recycling rates. 

All businesses in the estate are entitled to 200 free recycling sacks when they sign up to First Mile and buy general waste services.

Get in touch today to find out more.

Claim your 200 free mixed recycling sacks

Our Partnership Goals 

Calthorpe Estates is dedicated to sustainability and meeting the long-term interests of the local community. 

As part of their net-zero pathway by 2050, they've joined up with award-winning, waste & recycling partner First Mile. 

Our partnership goals include:

  • Reach net zero across the Calthorpe Estate by 2050
  • Introduce zero-emission waste & recycling services including electric cargo bike collections 
  • Increase recycling rates across the estate by over 20% 
  • Engage with businesses through a calendar of activities and workshops 
Why choose First Mile?

Service variety: 25+ tailored waste & recycling services, plus ad hoc clearances

Affordable: 200 free sacks when you sign up and preferential rates for businesses in the estate

Zero-to-landfill: Increased recycling rates and improved air quality in the estate

Free documentation & reporting: Waste transfer note and carbon reporting

Reliable: 24/7 collections on multi-award winning, zero-emission cargo bikes

Easy switch: No contract and a no-hassle switch that we handle for you  

Trusted by over 30,000 customers
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