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Their Challenge

Recycle My Salon is a non-profit solution for hard-to-recycle salon items such as aluminium foil, hair and salon products led by the HBSA and supported by many companies in the industry.

The HBSA has been supporting the hair and beauty industry in saying no to landfills since 1927.

Salons are full of hard-to-recycle items including aluminium foil, plastic bottles and other contaminated waste. Recycle My Salon needed an all-in-one recycling solution to ensure these materials are recycled into new products.


First Mile's Solution

We created a dedicated Return and Recycle box for salons, once the box is full, the salon can simply scan the QR code on the box to arrange a collection.

We also set up a specialist solution for recycling plastic pumps and other hard-to-recycle salon items. This has helped Recycle My Salon to divert hundreds of tonnes of waste from landfills and contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Results in the past 12 months

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