Populous' Challenge


Populous is an architecture company with over 35 years of experience in the industry. They were the architects behind the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium which was completed in 2019, and are currently working on the new Buffalo Bills NFL stadium, due to be completed in 2026.

Since paper is a common tool used by architects and designers for sketch ideas, their biggest challenge was recycling confidential paper. Populous have three office locations, all with large quantities of confidential paper which needed to be recycled sustainably, yet securely.


First Mile's Solution


We provided Populous with Confidential Waste collections that are flexible and ready to be scheduled for whenever they need them. We also set up weekly Food Recycling and Glass Recycling collections to recycle more of their waste, which has helped them achieve an impressive recycling rate of 99%

Populous' achievements in 2023.


In 2023 Populous retained their Gold Recycling Standard with an impressive recycling rate of 89%. They achieved this by using 7 different First Mile streams last year including Mixed Recycling, Food, Glass and WEEE collections.

Overall, Populous recycled nearly 20 tonnes while generating a mere 2 tonnes of General Waste, which helped them achieve their 89% recycling rate.

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