First Mile are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bulldog Skincare, to enable their customers to easily recycle Bulldog products with First Mile.

What we’re recycling

Not all packaging for Bulldog products is easily recyclable through household streams. Tubes are made up of a mixture of PE and PP plastics, meaning they’re classified as ‘other’ in the recycling world, represented by the number 7 recycling symbol. As these items can’t be recycled at home, they often end up in the waste bin, and in turn are incinerated or worse, landfilled where they contribute to greenhouse gases.

Why we’re recycling

Through partnering with First Mile, Bulldog can ensure every bit of its packaging can be recycled and kept in the circular economy. This means less waste, fewer emissions from landfill and it helps to save the planet’s natural resources –all of which means recycling helps in the fight against climate change.

How we’re recycling

First Mile receive customers’ empty tubes (with lids!) at their London based facility where they store the tubes until there’s a truckload to transport to the plastics processing partner. Once there, the tubes go through a process called Microwave Pyrolysis which eventually turns the plastic from the tubes back into oil. It can then be used to make brand new products, including Bulldog tubes –giving a closed-loop recycling solution.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.