It’s been a long time coming and with summer firmly in place, restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs will be opening their doors on 4th July. This is no normal reopening. Rules and guidelines will dictate how businesses should be run, and everything it seems, is in a state of flux. Indeed, when we first started writing this post, BoJo was holding firmly to ‘the 2m rule’, but thankfully timed with the re-opening of the hospitality industry, we can now all get that little bit cosier.

To aid reopening many councils, including Westminster, are planning to close a number of streets or widen pavements so that venues may host more outdoor dining and entertainment. With this will come a number of challenges, but on a positive note, the prospect of alfresco dining does conjure up a rather enticing image.

To help your business bounce back as smoothly as possible we have put together a number of initiatives to ensure you provide the safest, greenest and best service for your returning staff and customers - who you’ll more than likely be entertaining outdoors.

1. Be ready for change

    As I already mentioned, it seems in this new world that change is always just around the corner. For restaurants, cafes and pubs about to reopen, you’ll need built-in flexibility to cater for changing numbers of customers, and the ability to quickly flex seating plans and covers.

    2. Sort your waste

    We have configured our services to ensure your outdoor spaces remain free from waste so you maximise covers, provide a great entertaining experience and get serving in an environmentally friendly way. The only thing we can’t guarantee is the sunshine.

      Bin the bin

      The last thing you want for your outdoor dining area is a bin. It would also likely attract contamination - people inadvertently placing the wrong materials in the wrong bin. So, our motto here is ‘sacks inside, guests out.’

      Waste consolidation collections 7 days a week

      To minimise traffic and consequently emissions, we strive to consolidate our waste and recycling collections, picking up from your neighbours at the same time as you. So the more businesses on your street that we serve, the less number of waste trucks that will be travelling up and down your road. And because we know you don’t want waste hanging around, we can collect seven days a week from you. You’ll also be pleased to know that all our vehicles are zero or ultra-low emissions to support our clean air initiative.

      Boost your recycling rate

      At a time when everyone is talking about a planet positive recovery from Covid-19, recycling will noticeably reduce your carbon footprint. We have got a range of recycling services designed for the hospitality sector, and all available for collection seven days a week.

      • KeyKegs: Whether you are new to this format of draught or an old hand, we can help with our KeyKeg recycling service. This is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your small format plastic beer and alcohol kegs. And what’s more, to truly close the loop, your old KeyKegs are recycled to create new ones.
      • Glass: Recycling glass bottles will reduce your disposal costs and make your business greener. Glass recycling saves energy, CO2 and raw materials. Plus, it’s also a little known fact that glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without any loss in purity or quality. So, what’s not to lose?
      • Single-use plastics. We probably need to accept that we’ll be drinking on the streets from single-use plastic cups and bottles over the summer. But we shouldn’t settle for a solution that does not include recycling. Our dedicated single-use plastics recycling service removes confusion to give a cleaner batch of recycling, instantly notching up sustainability points for your business.

      3. Clean and protect (as well as Stay Alert of course...)

      Elevated hygiene practices and donning PPE are going to be part of day to day business for some time, and as always, we’re here to help.

      PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

      Our self-contained PPE Waste boxes are perfect for employees and customers to simply dispose of any used face masks, aprons or gloves. Once it’s full, the box is easily fastened – without the need to touch or remove the sack after filling. Book a free collection and we’ll take care of the rest. PPE Waste sacks are also available.

      Green cleaning

      Delphis Eco are the UK’s leading eco-friendly plant-based cleaning company. We’ve joined forces to help keep your kitchens and dining areas clean and germ free. They have a range of professional strength cleaning and anti-bacterial products to align with your Covid-19 hygiene needs.

      Whatever the exact rules are as we emerge from lockdown, there will no doubt be an impact on your waste management. So now might be a good opportunity to integrate end-of-life thinking into your plans to re-open your business and ultimately come back greener.

      Good luck, and please let us know how we can help

      First Mile