Glass Recycling and Collection for your Business

We'll let you in on a little secret: glass is a recycling company's best friend. Why? Because it can be endlessly recycled without ever losing quality.

That's why we believe glass recycling is incredibly important, as it saves tons of raw materials, such as sand, sodium carbonate, and limestone: all used to make glass from scratch.

Because of this, First Mile takes incredible pride in providing a glass waste disposal service for businesses, we offer pay-as-you-go sack collection and wheelie bin collection, both available on a flexible and reliable schedule of your choosing - no contract required!

Available nationwide, we offer a price match promise, comply with local council time-bands and provide all compliance documentation for your business such as Waste Transfer Notes. Plus we offer lots of great service extras such as a 24/7 support, an online customer portal, industry leading carbon reporting and more.

Whether your business needs a small or a large amount of glass recycled, you can be assured that First Mile has you covered, get an instant quote & set up glass recycling collections online today or speak to one of our recycling experts.

Discover what glass disposal service is right for your business

Sack collections

Glass recycling with no contract. Simply order sacks, select your collection days and times. We’ll deliver your sacks and collect them once filled from outside your premises.

Wheelie bin collections

Choose the size of bin and your preferred glass recycling collection days & time. We'll deliver bins on requested start date, then collect according to your schedule.

How does pricing work for glass recycling collections?

The price shown for our glass recycling sack service is per sack (+VAT). Sacks are sold in quantities of 40 on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contract required. The upfront cost includes the cost of collection and recycling of materials, documentation and service extras, with no hidden costs.

The price shown for our glass recycling wheelie bin service is for the first week of collections (+VAT). The weekly price of collections is based on your schedule and the number of bin lifts. We then invoice this to your account plus a small bin rental fee at the end of each month. Wheelie bin collections are ongoing unless you cancel them, but there is no contract required.  

Once signed up, customers receive access to their
online customer portal , where they can order more stickers (if applicable), view schedules, access documentation such as Waste Transfer Notes, and view recycling data.

What can go in Glass Recycling?

Glass bottles and jars
Wine bottles

Please keep out

Drinking glasses
Broken glass
Bottle tops
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Why set up a Glass Recycling collection with First Mile

Easy switch from your current business waste provider

Flexible business waste and recycling collections up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week

Amazing support 24/7/365 from our specialist commercial waste collection team

Zero-to-landfill, with all non-recyclable business waste sent to generate Green energy.

Service Extras, like compliance certificates, weighing and data, and posters.

Responsible processing of materials in our award-winning facility

Commercial Glass Recycling FAQs

How is glass recycled?

Once collected from your premises, the glass is taken to a treatment plant, where it is then sorted by colour before being washed from any impurities. The next step involves crushing and melting it, allowing it to then be moulded into any type of glass product to be used once again.

Is glass recycling worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Because glass can be recycled repeatedly without losing any of its quality, it is among one of the most sustainable materials out there.

This is why First Mile offer a glass disposal service to ensure none of it ever goes to waste.

What is considered glass waste?

It might sound obvious, but glass waste is any broken or used products completely made from glass you no longer have any use for. Depending on what your business is, this could be jars, bottles, drinking glasses or even a broken window

This is why First Mile offers a great glass recycling service for businesses, knowing full well that large amounts of glass can be overwhelming to deal with, especially if you produce a lot of glass waste on a regular basis.

Can drinking glasses be recycled?

No, and this is a question we are asked often. We do not offer recycling of drinking glasses (as well as other glass products) as a service as they are made of toughened glass.

This has a higher melting point and contains certain chemicals, which makes its recycling require a separate process to normal commercial glass recycling. Once dealt with, this type of glass is used to build roads and buildings, still giving it a second life.

What other types of glass cannot be recycled recycled?

While glass bottles and jars can be recycled, some products are made using glass and other materials that makes recycling a bit trickier.

A great example would be glass cookware, such as Pyrex dishes, as these are made from borosilicate; a special type of glass that can withstand temperature changes, which means melting it isn’t as simple as normal glass.

Additionally, any glass with coating on it, such as mirrors and lightbulbs, can cause contamination if mixed in with standard glass recycling, meaning they need to be disposed of in a different manner.

Is bottle recycling good for the planet?

Yes, and so is any other type of glass recycling, especially when you consider that a single glass bottle can take around a million years to fully break down.

This, combined with the fact that glass can be recycled an infinite number of times, makes glass bottle recycling essential to reduce waste on our planet.

Why us First Mile for my glass recycling needs?

As one of the leading waste management companies in LondonBirmingham and the UK, First Mile has already helped over 30,000 businesses to reduce their carbon impact with our range of recycling services - with over 200 new businesses signing up each week.  

By choosing First Mile, you’ll benefit from a low cost, reliable service, a 24/7 helpdesk, and free monthly reporting. You can view our accreditations above and our certificates and insurances here.  

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