When it comes to tackling the climate crisis and being generally kinder to our planet, one of the most impactful steps one can take is switching to renewable energy. As many of us are working from home more and more, we constantly have our laptops plugged in; phones, TVs, the kettle is constantly boiling. We are using energy at home more than ever before.

Many people have vowed to lead a greener life in 2021, and are focussing on reducing their CO2 emissions and making positive impacts on the earth. Green energy is becoming increasingly popular and has become the obvious next step.

Why is renewable energy so important?

Energy is what keeps us moving. From the petrol in our cars to the electricity running through our tech — energy is everywhere. So much so, that it can be all too easy to take for granted. And, it can be easy to forget the damage that it causes to our planet. That’s why, as a homeowner, renter, or business, you have the responsibility to choose your energy sources wisely and to make use of alternatives and renewable energy.

Here are 10 facts proving why renewable energy is so awesome and why we need to embrace it.

  1. ‘Renewable’ energy is exactly what it says on the tin. This means the source of green power will never deplete, unlike fossil fuels which need to be drilled, burned and mined from the earth – something that can never be replaced.
  2. Renewable energy can take many forms including hydropower, solar power, wind energy and anaerobic digesters (energy from food and bacteria). We can even generate energy from our own rubbish. That’s right, waste that is non-recyclable can be broken down and burned to create power, which is why renewable energy is so important!
  3. The UK is particularly suited for wind turbines because it’s so windy. Its northwestern position means that there’s a constant gust to keep the turbines moving, with Scotland sitting in the breeziest position.
  4. Renewable energy sources do not emit greenhouse gases, the world’s top culprit for global warming.
  5. As the green energy sector grows, not only does it create a positive impact on the environment, but it generates more jobs. In fact, it generates between 3 — 5 times more jobs than non-renewable sectors. Who could say no to a healthy planet and a healthy economy?
  6. Think about it: the sun has been producing energy for millions of years. It literally brings life to wildlife on our earth. Without it, we would not be here. That’s why solar power is one of the most obvious choices for renewable energy.
  7. Solar panels are often placed on top of buildings or in open fields as a way of capturing the energy from the sun. They contain photovoltaic cells which cause a reaction between the photons and electrons. When the electrons are excited and catapulted loose, they are captured and funnelled into usable energy. Simple, right?
  8. After paying the initial cost and installation of solar panels or tiles, homeowners don’t need to pay for the electricity generated. After all, the sun’s energy is free!
  9. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Great Britain’s carbon emissions produced from electricity plunged due to an increase in renewable energy usage. A combination of wind turbines, solar farms, hydropower technologies and biomass generation meant that the UK also experienced a record coal-free period.
  10. Air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to human health. By using resources such as solar power and hydropower, we’ll be able to cut down on air pollution that is produced by fossil fuels. Green energy resources will help us prevent lung and heart diseases developed through air pollution.

Need any more reasons to switch to green energy?

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